Have you made the leap from cigarettes to vaping only to find yourself still yearning for the rich golden taste of tobacco? Have you tried fruity, sweet flavours but find them lacking the appropriate olfactory feedback to satisfy your cravings? Here at VapeBuzz we are dedicated to bringing you the best eliquids available from across the world and today we look at the 3 best tobacco flavours on offer.

A good thing to remember before we begin is that it’s often very hard to accurately capture the taste and smell of tobacco. The reason for this is precisely the reason that many choose to vape over smoke – the combustion of plant material create many byproducts which are harmful to your health – but because a vaporizer never causes combustion the smells and flavours that you associate with smoking are not there.

The following are some of the best imitation of tobacco flavours on the market:

555 Tobacco E-Liquid by Element:

American eliquid company Element has constantly offered amazing flavours and innovation since it began, they recently offered up this tasty yet traditional variation on the tobacco flavour.

It’s a nutty tobacco flavour mixed with a rich base that promotes warmer notes of hazelnuts, almonds,and walnuts. There’s a slight aftertaste of caramel and vanilla that accentuates the top notes of this flavour. This is definitely one for the traditionalists. A few of us at the office have this in our regular rotation.

Available in 10ml bottles. Options of 0mg, 6mg, and 12mg of nicotine per ml.

Sweet Tobacco E-Liquid by Vampire Vape:

UK company Vampire Vape are based in Manchester and “ensure only the highest quality ingredients go into their products”. This is a mild tobacco flavour with a sweet aftertaste that brings out the smooth taste of this eliquid. Perfect for those who are partially sold on fruity-sweet flavours but still want the smell and taste of tobacco. This is a more unique flavour that will delight those who haven’t found the traditional tobacco flavours taste to be satisfying.

Available in 10ml bottles. Options of 6mg and 12mg of nicotine per ml.

Tobacco E-Liquid by Element:

Element make the list again with this respectable entry into the tobacco eliquid market. This is another traditional offering with a blended version of a “bountiful harvest of smooth tobacco flavour”, this is probably the closest to an accurate tobacco flavour that we’ve enjoyed here at VapeBuzz. Earthy yet mild. If you’re looking for a traditional tobacco flavour and taste this or the 555 above are good choices. For something in the middle and unusual the Sweet Tobacco might be more your style.

Available in 10ml bottles. Options of 0mg, 6mg, and 12mg of nicotine per ml.




If you’re dead set on having a tobacco eliquid in your regular rotation then you may need to experiment somewhat – what you will enjoy will strongly depend on the brand and strength of cigarettes that you used to smoke. Further, you may find that eliquids don’t quite match that scent and aroma of a real burning cigarette, but if you are willing to experiment you may find a compromise like Vampire Vape’s offering that blends a traditional tobacco flavour with something more fruity or sweet.

Ultimately a person’s choice of eliquid is up to them, and what works for one may not work for another, even if you aren’t looking to replace the almost inimitable taste of tobacco it may still take some trial and error to find a flavour that suits you.

If you’re not set on vaping tabacco eliquid and want something different, take a look at popular herbs you can vape.