Are you considering a more complex vaporizer? Have you recently purchased a G-Priv? Are you staring at the myriad of touch screen options with a feeling of rising panic? Perhaps there’s a specific setting you want to access but haven’t quite figured it out yet – fear not – here at VapeBuzz we’ve drawn up this guide to ensure that everyone will get the most out of their new G-Priv vaporizer.

The fancy looking device is powered by two 18650 batteries in series, allowing for a monstrous 220 watts of vaping power (and temperature control!) that is accessible and via the sleek 2.4 inch touchscreen that covers the face of the G-Priv. The device isn’t exactly small – it’s 8.5cm tall, 5.8cm wide, and 2.8cm deep without the TFV8 tank attached – but this is a device that will match up to even the hobbyist cloud chasers and flavour followers; it’s not designed to be discreet.

The G-Priv offers a few different power options, most notably among them is the temperature control mode (TC). This mode, when set up with a stainless steel, nickel, or titanium coil will ensure the coil never heats up above a temperature that you specify. This means that even if you forgot to fill the tank with eliquid – which normally causes a dry hit – the device would detect the sharp increase in temperature and shut off the flow of current ot the coil, saving your coil and wick from damage. TC also allows you to vape at a lower resistance than would be allowed by the conventional wattage mode, as low as 0.06 ohms.

If you prefer the simplicity and direct power of variable wattage mode that option is still available.

The shatterproof 2.4 inch touchscreen is a welcome relief for those of us who are tired of tiny LED displays, two button operation, and click-and-pray style settings adjustment. The menu on the G-Priv is clean, crisp and simple to understand, even without the help of a guide like this someone should be able to get to grips with the basics within an hour of experimenting.

There’s also a lock button above the firing switch – allowing you to ensure your G-Priv won’t adjust it’s settings while in your pocket.

First Time Use:


When unboxing the G-Priv, you should find the following:

1 x Alien 220w Mod
1 x TFV8 Baby Tank
1 x V8 Baby-Q2 Core (0.4Ω dual coils) (Pre-installed)
1 x V8 Baby-T8 Core (0.15Ω octuple coils)
1 x USB Cable for Charging/Upgrading
1 x Replacement Glass Tube
1 x User Manual
Spare Parts

Installing the batteries:

You will need at least two 18650 high drain batteries to install in the G-Priv, there’s a lot of good recommendations online – we encourage people to consider the Efest 3500mAh battery, it’s a reliable model with a huge 3500mAh capacity that will support the big cloud the G-Priv will produce, or simply keep you vaping for longer on lower settings.

To install the batteries, remove the magnetised back panel and insert the batteries in the correct orientation. Once the batteries have been properly fitted you can replace the back panel. Beware the back panel might be hard to remove, use caution and an even pressure to pull it off. With time it will get easier to remove.

You should see the screen briefly flash to show the battery installation was successful. If the screen doesn’t turn on you will want to check the orientation of your batteries and ensure they are charged. If the problem persists you should return the G-Priv to your vendor

The device is now ready to be turned on – click the firing button 5 times in quick succession to turn the device on. The same operation when the G-Priv is on will prompt the device to ask if you want to switch it off.

Installing the tank:

The TFV8 Baby Beast is an amazing little tank that has a large 3ml tank capacity, is made from quality glass and stainless steel construction, and comes with an easy top fill mechanism. It’s designed for high wattage vaping, and to install you need only screw the male headed 510 connection at the bottom of the tank into the G-Priv;s female 510 connection. Fill up the tank with your favourite eliquid as the tank comes pre-installed with the V8 Baby-Q2 Core – a great sub-ohm dual-coil setup that boasts massive clouds and fine flavour.

Turning The Touchscreen On And Off:

Above the firing button on the side of the device is a switch that will turn the touchscreen on and off. If you are unable to access the touchscreen try flicking this switch.

Navigation And Accessing The Main Menu:

Pressing the back arrow in the top left corner will always take you back to the previous menu and eventually the main menu. Here is a handy list of the sub menus from the main to help you navigate:

VW Mode: This lets you access the Variable Wattage settings; including an effects menu to change the curve of the coil temperature, a slider to change wattage and a sliding switch to activate the mode. You can press the fire button to return to the main menu.

TC Mode: This lets you access the Temperature Control settings, here’s a quick rundown:

Material: Choose between Nickel, Stainless Steel, and Titanium options.
Preheat: This lets you use VW mode to quickly ramp up to the correct temperature before engaging TC mode. Careful not to set this too high as it could burn your coils.
ADJ TCR: High level stuff. TCR codes let you adjust your coil settings even further. Temperature Coefficient of Resistance or TRC for short is a number that relates to the changing resistance of a coil as it heats. This information can be used to fine tune your mod by giving the onboard computer the precise values of your coil, allowing it to maximise the coil’s performance. You will need to google your coil for the TCR number.
Initial Ohms: This lets you set the wire’s resistance manually.

For more information on TC check out our guide.

Puff Settings: A nice addition lets you set a maximum number of puffs before the device will lock. Great for managing your daily intake.

Settings: Backend stuff like date and time settings, screen timeout and the factory reset option. Nothing too special here, but if you change all the settings feel safe knowing you can reset them back to default.


Thanks for reading, we hope this guide has helped acquaint you with the G-Priv Starter Kit and its many functions. We honestly think this is one of the best high end mods on the market and a great introduction to the world of high end and hobbyist vaping. If you still have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.