There are enough terms in the vaping world to confuse even the most dedicated of researchers, but few terms are as important and impactful to your vaping experience than Mouth-To-Lung vaping (MTL) and Direct-To-Lung vaping (DTL). Like much of the vaping world, what works for you and what you enjoy will ultimately be down to personal preference – there’s no one way to do things.

That being said what do these terms mean, and how will they impact your vaping experience?

MTL Vaping:

MTL or Mouth-To-Lung vaping will be familiar to anyone who has smoked cigarettes, for those who haven’t – a smoker will usually draw the smoke from the cigarette directly into their mouth using their tongue and then draw it from the mouth and into their lungs by taking a normal breath.

This method of vaping is more often associated with a “throat hit” – that is, a hot or spicy hit at the back of the throat as you inhale the vapor into your lungs. In many ways it more closely resembles cigarette smoking, which is why some may prefer it over DTL vaping.

MTL vaping won’t generate massive clouds like you may have seen on youtube, rather an MTL setup will focus on lower wattage – generally around or under 15 watts – often have smaller tanks, longer or similar battery life while using smaller batteries, and are generally more discreet than DTL devices.

Our recommended kit for MTL vaping is the Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit – it’s a low cost starter kit offering a decent 2ml tank and 1200mAh battery.

Benefits and Drawbacks of MTL Vaping:

Generally speaking the MTL device is more discreet than their DTL counterparts. Their small size makes them stealthy, and they tend to produce less vapor and smell – perfect for inconspicuous vaping – all the while offering comparable or greater battery life.

With the small size comes decreased consumption of oil or ejuice, meaning less money spent over time. MTL devices are often cheaper than DTL devices too, which tend to cater towards intermediate and hobbyist vapers.

In terms of drawbacks they could be considered the same as the advantages; you’ll get smaller clouds, and sometimes less flavour than with higher powered DTL devices. The eliquid you will use will need to be higher in terms of nicotine content (somewhere around 18mg/ml) because of the smaller vapor clouds. Higher strength nicotine juice is nearly always harsher on your throat than lower strength juices, and for some the “throat hit” can be too much.

DTL Vaping:

Direct to lung vaping means, as you might have guessed, inhaling the vapour directly into your lungs in one smooth inhale; just as you would take a normal breath. You use your vaporizer like a scuba breather – the increased airflow creates much larger clouds of vapor which you take into your lungs.

There are some key advantages to DTL vaping – the larger clouds are packed with more flavour and nicotine, meaning you can use much lower strength ejuice (as low as 3mg/ml) while still satisfying your nicotine craving. The big clouds are often more flavoursome, depending on your eliquid.

Remember, DTL vaping isn’t solely for those who want to make big clouds of vapor. It’s simply another way to vape that many people enjoy over MTL vaping – the big clouds can provide a much more satisfying tactile and visual stimulus. It’s also up to you how much you inhale or how much power you use – if you’re out and wanting to stay discreet you can simply turn down the wattage or take smaller hits.

Benefits and Drawbacks of DTL Vaping:

Big or small clouds on demand, satisfying and full flavour for many eliquids, lower nicotine and silky smooth hits; it’s easy to see why so many choose to go for a DTL vape after they get to grips with an MTL device.

DTL vaping is also not without its disadvantages – because of the increased airflow and wattage the typical DTL vaper tends to use more ejuice/e liquid per day than the average MTL vaper.

A DTL device tends to be larger to incorporate a larger battery – an important variable when your device might go as high as 220 watts! While most people will keep their set up at a modest wattage, having the option to dive into the high range is a nice option. The devices tend to be a bit more expensive and coils may need to be changed more regularly.

We recommend something like the Smok Alien 220w Starter Kit for your first foray into DTL vaping. It’s a little more pricey. But comes with a range of neat options including temperature control, up to 220 watts of power and a TFV8 Baby Tank.

Hybrid Vaping:

While generally speaking ecigarettes, mods and vapes will fall into one of the two categories or MTL or DTL vaping, there are options that allow you to enjoy both worlds, or at least experiment with low level DTL vaping as you make the transition from MTL to DTL vaping.

The Joyetech eGo AIO. AIO stands for all-in-one, allowing you to use the device to do both MTL or DTL inhaling.The AIO has a low price and wide range of functions including top refilling, a 1500mAh battery, and controllable air control.

Other options for vaporising exist, if you’re interested in learning more please check out our sister site here.

Whatever you decide, we’re here to help you make the right choice for that style; contact us today to discuss you options.