Finding the Right E-Liquid for Your Vape

E-juices are responsible for creating the vapour that you inhale and exhale when using your electronic cigarette. It comes in different flavours and strengths to give you the satisfaction of smoking in any taste and smell you want. This is one advantage an eliquid has against the typical cigarettes. Also, the concentration of these juices can be adjusted to fit your desired effect. Often, you can find fruits as flavours for a vape liquid. Nevertheless, e liquid with nicotine is also common for those who want the same taste as a traditional cigarette without having to face the dangers of cigarette smoking. There are specifications you can check when buying the best UK e liquid. Here are a few of those.

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PG/VG Ratio

This is the property that gives you the “throat hit” feeling once you inhale from your e-cigarette. PG and VG means propylene glyceride and vegetable glyceride respectively. The ratio of both will determine how hard you want the smoke to feel as you take it in you. Mostly varying by preference of the user, you can check the liquid for its mix to determine which one you like better. This also affects the amount of clouds you can produce in every puff. The VG has a smoother throat hit but a mix that has a higher PG amount is sweeter. Although, you have to take note if you have any allergic reaction to propylene glyceride which can easily be triggered in higher PG proportions.

Nicotine Content

Not all e liquids UK available has nicotine content. It also comes in percentage to provide you with your desired amount. Some would prefer to have 0mg to keep their vape nicotine-free while others start it off with 12mg, the usual maximum amount of nicotine content. If you have newly transitioned from the typical cigarette to the use of electronic cigarette, it is best for you to gradually lower your nicotine content to help yourself adjust to the new taste and feeling. Check the nicotine levels of the vaping liquid UK bottle you want before making your actual purchase.


There are different tastes that you can inhale when vaping. It can go from sweet fruit extracts to cool flavours like coffee and pie. Know what flavours you want as you look for an e-liquid to add to your purchase. In fact, this is one of the most common things that buyers look for when going through an array of liquids for vaping. Experimenting with out-of-the-blue flavours can be exciting especially for seasoned vape users who have tried different ones beforehand. Though, it is recommended for beginners to start off with basic fruit tastes like banana, apple, and chocolate to make it more comfortable for them to use. Meanwhile, you can also be a little more risky and try putting different flavours together. This will give you double the taste of what you experience.


Aside from the quality of liquid, you should also make sure to check that the e-liquid you purchase is safe to use. Buy from legit stores and trust only those who have made a name for themselves to ensure that the product you are using is of high-grade value. Do not settle for something less at the expense of your health and life. Research about the manufacturer, the company it is from, and even those who sell it. Though some would cost a little more than others, it is important that you first put into consideration if the cheaper one is better than the other product. The value of anything does not solely rely on its price. That is why you need to pay close attention on what you are going to buy.

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