Define Your Vaping Hobby: Pick Your Flavour!

An electronic cigarette, or what is commonly known as an e-cig or a vape, is a handheld electronic device which vaporises a liquid to create a smoke that mimics that of a real cigarette. This liquid comes in various vape flavours and can be made with a mixture of nicotine, glycerine, propylene glycol, and flavourings. However, not all e-liquids contain nicotine.

Since it was launched in 2004, public demands for e-cigarettes have exponentially increased for a variety of reasons, not only because they are safer than conventional cigarettes but because of the effects that e-liquid flavours give to vapers. People turn to e-cigs to quit smoking, enjoy a hobby, relax, define social status, and to study, create, and compare flavours.

Whatever their reasons might be, there is one common denominator – the choice of e-liquid flavours. The e-juice you use with your vape can make all the difference. The good news is flavours come in staggering varieties that you can practically sample them all until you find one that speaks to your senses and gives your soul that soothing vapour.

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Most Popular e-Liquid Flavours

e-Juices rarely come in a single flavour, as they’re likely to be a mix of several things. And some combinations are quite surprising. Take, for instance, Twelve Vapor’s Aquarius E-Liquid, which is made up of Lemon, Mojito, Oranges and Raspberries. Lemon and Oranges with Mojito is understandable. But Raspberries? Although it doesn’t seem possible, you’d be surprised of how each element combined to make one amazing e-liquid flavour. One hit will never be enough.

But there are some elements that you’re most likely find as a stand-alone or mixed with other ingredients in one e-liquid bottle.

  • Tobacco for that something familiar yet not, what with some e-liquids with only a small amount of nicotine.
  • Mint and Chocolate for that most popular combination, whether in e-juice flavours, ice cream or pie. Makes you crave for something to bite on in every huff and puff.
  • Almond for that nutty hit you’re looking for. It can be mixed with strawberry, vanilla, hazelnuts, and many others. Suffice to say that mixologists have as much fun experimenting with almonds as vapers.
  • Fruit-flavoured e-liquid flavours are often made of several fruit ingredients. A good example is Naked 100’s Amazing Mango E-Liquid that mixes mango, peach, and cream.

There are plenty of other flavour combinations available that are sure to make vaping an exciting experience.

How to Pick Your Vape Flavour

When you first bought your e-cigarette kit, it probably came with a few samples of vape flavours. You might have chosen your flavour from the kit already, or perhaps you haven’t yet. Choosing the right flavour that will suit your palate can be challenging as they are constantly changing due to various flavour combos.

While some people love to collect, select, and experiment with flavours, there are some who don’t take the risk to buy vape flavours they aren’t familiar with. If you belong to the latter, the following tips will help you pick that perfect flavour for you!

  1. Before trying out the real thing, try to decide which flavours you like the most by default. You can make a list if you need to. However, most smokers turned vapers like the e-liquid flavours that have a strong hint of rich tobacco taste. Try to self-evaluate the flavours that will give you that satisfied feeling, either you’ll go for sweet and fruity or minty and cool.
  2. Research various brands and know whether they are of authentic origins or not. Not all e-liquids are made with quality ingredients and processes. The cheaper juices are most likely to give you a less favourable experience, while the expensive ones give you the opposite. Regardless of the price, get e-juices from known suppliers and makers.
  3. Give yourself a selection of 5 to 10 flavours until you find the best vape flavour that you want. With an almost endless number of choices, there’s really no need to limit yourself.

To sum it up, choosing the right vape flavour is both challenging and exciting. Choose the ones that fit your palate and the ones that will identify you. Most of all, make it a point to pick those of premium quality to get the best vaping experience!

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