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What to Consider Before Buying Your First Vape Mod

Vape is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, and was even named as Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year once. Even though there are so many vaporizing products available in the market and they come in all shapes and sizes, buying just the right one for you can be really confusing. As there are hundreds of different options, a lot of them would matter on what kind of vaper you are or want to be.

A lot of people start their journey in the world of vaping with a cigarette-like, or ego-style kind of starter kit. For other people, time will come when they will want to invest on different or better equipment, or to upgrade to sophisticated regulated ones, known more commonly as “mods”. Buying your first vape mod can be quite an intimidating task, especially with the plethora of choices in the market today. However, once you know what you need in vape mods, then finding the right one becomes an easy task.

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Firstly, let’s define what vape mods are. “Mods” were coined back in the days when daredevils broke open and modified the early e-cigarettes with their own experiments, oftentimes with flashlight tubes or just about anything they could get their inventive hands on. As time went by, the term was used for any device, be it tube-style or not, that has the same capabilities and abilities as to that of voltage-battery-operated devices or e-cigarettes.

Mechanical mods, on the other hand, are not for the inexperienced. Though they also come packaged as vape mods, these are slightly different as these run on variable or fixed voltage batteries with no kind of motherboard whatsoever. The confusion that comes with this is a testament to how overly and widely used the term “mod” is. When it is even a challenge to differentiate vape mods to mechanical mods, how will you know which is the key choice of vape mods UK?

What You Need Before Buying a Vape Mod

It is good to reflect on how you are right now as a vaper and how you vape. By having experienced different kinds of vapes and experimenting with them, you may now have a clearer idea of what it is you want, what are the must-haves that cannot be sacrificed, and which features can be compromised.

Luckily, most of the vape mods in UK has and its technology has evolved to the point where almost all vapes have most needs met, irrespective to how much they will cost. This is where you can come in with planning before buying your first vape mod – set a budget. Whether it is £20 to £150, knowing the ceiling of how much you want to spend will make shopping for the right one pretty easy. It will not make a lot of sense if you have invested so much time comparing beginner to advanced models if you were only planning to spend £50 anyway.

After considering how much you’d like to spend on your vape mod, look into how you are already using your own device now. How quickly are you chugging on your battery, or will it last the whole day? Are you interested in some new sub-ohm tanks or are you sticking to the clearomizers you’re already very comfortable with? Once you have determined the level of wattage requirements and your battery needs the field will narrow down even more. For instance, if you don’t vape so much, it wouldn’t be ideal to pay more for user-replaceable batteries instead of something just built-in. In the same way, it wouldn’t make sense to pay for 100 watts when you’re comfortable with only 15 watts.

It also helps to know what you want for the value of your money, no matter what price range you are looking at. Nowadays, the usual features for vape mods are onboard USB charging, backlit display, or variable wattage mode. Although there are vape mods worth discovering that do not have some of these features, any vape mod worth owning should either have these basic features, or will somehow make up for not having these by dealing with other problems.

If you ever want more advanced vape mods, keep in mind that some key knowledge has to be learned first and it goes hand-in-hand with owning these high-end models. Additionally, after considering all these factors, finding the right vape mod for you will not be a daunting task as our shop has the best vape mods with a myriad of features and accessories, for both beginners and advanced users looking to upgrade. From cheap and chirpy to luxurious and fancy, the only vape mods UK you will ever need is in VapeBuzz.

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