Bad Drip

Feel Good with Every Bad Drop: Bad Drip E-Liquid Collection

Coming with rich, sensational flavours, Bad Drip offers a variety of e-liquids with such amazing vaping goodness. Bad Drip e liquid is made of quality ingredients from trusted sources, which are reasons to feel good about the company’s collection of e-juices. It may have bad in its name, but it is anything but.

This US-based supplier gives you several flavour options, from a sweet to a wild taste, and delivers a one-of-a-kind experience in every puff. It is one of the leading brands for good reason. Many can attest to the goodness of every flavour made by this brand. Vapebuzz has a generous collection of all the flavours of Bad Drip on hand. Customers can select from different options based on their preference.

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What makes Bad Drip the Must-Try e-Liquid?


The throat hit of every flavour differs from one to the other. For beginners, you can start off your kit with the higher 12mg nicotine content. You can the progress later on with the lower concentration of 6mg or 3mg. Those that are totally staying away from nicotine, Bad Drip also has a 0mg nicotine content. Check the availability of the nicotine strength with Vapebuzz to see what we have in our stock. We offer a variety nicotine doses in every bottle all for the same price. If you are selective with the e-liquid that you use, it is best that you visit the page of every flavour to examine each one properly. Also, specify the nicotine strength of your liking during your purchase, so the right one is sent to you.


The flavour profiles Bad Drip has included a combination of milk-bathed fruity cereal and frosted donut, kiwi and strawberry dipped in bubblegum nectar, blueberry and pomegranate extract dusted with vanilla, and fried dough with cinnamon-sugar plus banana pudding. These flavours will tingle your senses as you breathe in the vapour through your mouth. The best thing about these flavours is that it doesn’t settle with one typical taste. It explores different mixes to give you that explosive effect in every puff. Consequently, the smell of the vapour would remind you of the distinct taste of each ingredient; the sweetness of the sugary donut and fruit extract or the aromatic hint of cinnamon.


Every Bad Drip e liquid UK bottle has contains 25% propylene glycol and 75% vegetable glycerine ratio. It provides you a sweeter taste and lighter effect as the vapour hits the back of your throat. If you want something smoother, then this collection is definitely the one for you. Another thing is that you can produce more vapour in every puff since it has higher vegetable glycerine content. This is perfect to those that wants more smoke cloud as they inhale the vapour coming from the e-cigarette. The uniform PG/VG ratio makes your weighing in easier since you won’t need to compare the throat hit anymore. This is one less factor to worry about when looking for the right Bad Drip e liquid for your satisfaction.


Every single product from this brand contains 30ml of vaping liquid. It has a dropper top which helps you conveniently transfer the contents from the product bottle to your vape kit. You may also find some bottle with a dropper top instead. Either way, you refill your e-cig without the risk of the liquid spilling. Directly pour over the liquid from the bottle to the e-cigarette tank and you’re done. The bottles also are made of glass rather than plastic, saving you from the risk of harmful toxins. This is because some plastic bottles have Bisphenol A (BPA) that is extremely sensitive to heat. With a glass bottle, you can store your e-liquid without fear that it might react differently when left in a slightly warm place.


Another thing that makes this Bad Drip collection unique from other brands is that it comes with a prescription bottle to hold the glass bottle. The orange pill bottle or RX container is what you commonly see when you buy your prescribed medication. This creative packaging has the label of the brand with its address and email plus the name of the flavour that you have ordered. This is a great handy storage to put your bottle in. If you are travelling or carrying around your e-liquid for a refill, you can easily put your bottle inside its RX container. In keeping with its traditional look, the RX container also has a white twist cap. Other brands do not have this type of clever packaging.

Whichever product you prefer to buy, rest assured that you have with you a high-grade liquid from one of the best-selling brands. Given the differences listed above, weigh in your options carefully and pick the most suitable for you. See what Bad Drip e-liquids Vapebuzz has to offer and place your order today. You may contact us at 0207 929 2242 or message us at for more details.