How to Choose the Best E-Liquid Flavour

You’ve finally gotten your very first e-cig kit and you are just ecstatic to try it out. The perfectly packaged box has come with samples of different e-juices and, after a few tries, you think you have already found the right flavour, or not. When it comes to e-liquids, choosing the best one among the hundreds of options can be up for debate, as taste is subjective to the user, and there are several different flavour combinations you can experiment with to suit your taste buds.

A lot of people do not want to risk purchasing a product they haven’t tried before or are unfamiliar with, mostly due to the fear of spending quite a few pounds on something they wouldn’t even like and would probably never use again.

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In order to get started with choosing the best e-liquid flavour for you, there are two factors you have to consider.

Find out what flavours you like best. We all have different taste buds, which is why there are numerous options to choose from. What’ll really help you is if you try out different flavours you think you will like, and then shortlisting the ones that appeal to you the most. A lot of people who have switched from traditional cigarette-smoking to vaping usually find e-liquids with a more rich and defined tobacco taste as more alluring. At the same time, others could have biased opinions about fruity or sweet flavours, which are also great for experimenting with to find your own unique one. Consequently, there are others who just prefer puffing out ginormous vapour clouds, in which case you could opt for the e-liquid with higher vegetable glycerine levels to reach that effect.

Know the quality of your e-liquid before buying it. Just like every other commodity available in the consumer market today, e-liquids are all made under diverse conditions and with varying ingredients. At the end of the day, what all consumers want is to get great value for the pounds they’re spending. You will need to make sure that the product you are purchasing is of high quality. Of course, if you choose cheaper variants, tendency is the quality is lower so will likely get a less than satisfying experience. Luckily at VapeBuzz, we offer only the best e-liquid flavours for you, from cheap and cheerful for the beginners to tasteful and classy liquids that will satisfy your every desire.

Introducing the Clown E Liquid

A staple favourite whether for the beginning vaper or the experienced smoker-turned-vaper, Clown e liquids are made with only the highest-quality ingredients. They also contain a higher PG:VG ratio than any other e liquid which gives them a smoother taste. Each of their liquids comes in varying nicotine levels that you can choose from, allowing you to moderate and slowly reduce the nicotine amount you vape.

Manufactured by its mother company and one of the best vaping companies in the world, Bad Drop, Clown e liquids has become a classic favourite of many vapers, beginner and old-school, for their superior premium sauce that gives a sensational, out-of-this-world experience for the vaper.

Bad Drip got its reputation for having some of the highest-selling e-juices globally, and it decided to spread its wings and launch another company that is Clown e liquids. The distinct flavour profiles they have to offer make each of their juices a stand-out. They do not just stand out from the competition with their high-quality juices, but also with the unique aesthetics of their bottles – there’s a very detailed, borderline-creepy clown design with holographic fonts that will definitely catch anyone’s eye.

For less than £17 a bottle, you can get the following fruity and sweet flavours of Clown e liquid, brought to you by VapeBuzz:

  • Clown Laffy E-liquid – A fruity blend of blueberry taffy and grape juice that leaves a refreshing taste in the mouth. It’s not overly sweet so it can be suitable for an all day vape.
  • Clown Pennywise E-liquid – A refreshing mix of strawberry, watermelon and bubblegum offering a clean flavour minus the harsh throat hit. You’ll find that it gives huge cloud production too.
  • Clown Splitz E-liquid – Like its name suggests, it is a delicious combination of banana, custard and ice cream inspired by the famed banana split dessert. It can get you more excited than an ice cream truck.
  • Clown Sweet Tooth E-Liquid – A mainly silky smooth cotton candy flavour profile with hints of tart raspberries. You can say it’s the perfect addiction for any ringmaster.

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