The world is a mysterious place… Does the Loch Ness monster exist? Will we ever find the lost city of Atlantis? What do Easter Island glyphs called the Rongorongo say? What’s truly going on in Area 51? What is Big Foot up to? Is this all just a simulation that we are stuck in as we wait for Neo to save us?
Well, the Canadian brand, Decoded, may or may not have the answers we’re looking for, but they definitely have an array of flavours created at Premium Labs, that will mystify any conspiracy theory expertLike Morpheus from the Matrix, Decoded wants to show us what it’s like to truly breath in the free air. The only difference is that you’ll exhale massive plumes of vapor. With flavours ranging from mini donuts with powdered sugar to pineapple, blueberry, and guava to butter pecan brulee, Decoded has an answer for every question our taste buds pose to us.
Try the Rongorongo for an unexpectedly delicious mix of strawberries, cucumber, and citrus that some scientists are still trying to decipher. If you’re a fan of parfaits, Loch Ness has some truths hidden in its waters that are yoghurt, peaches, and cream flavouredDecoded’s lineup of eliquids is fantastic across its platform, there is no wrong choice and there is no place off limits, even when it comes to their Area 51 with its mango, papaya, and lychee.
Scientists have long searched for the hidden secrets that would lead them to the lost city of Atlantis. Was it ever above land and mysteriously sink into the ocean depths? Maybe they sank on purpose and the inhabitants survive using technology more advanced then even our current technology. It is
anyone’s guess. Luckily for us, the only thing to discover in Atlantis by Decoded is the undertones of blueberry mixed in with refreshing pineapple and smooth, yet bold guava.
A true hidden creature or the biggest hoax ever played, Big Foot has been seen roaming the grainy pictures of your grandparents’ holiday trips to the countryside. Is he really related to the Yeti and is he actually a she? These are things that sometimes keep us awake at night, but what helps relax is the sumptuous mini donut flavour Big Foot by Decoded provides. No mystery here, we love it!
Will we ever find the Holy Grail and if we do, is the Davinci Code going to lead us there? We love Tom Hanks as much as the next person, but we want answers. Was it an undecipherable quest only meant for the true detectives/symbologists of this world or will someone just stumble upon it? Thankfully Decoded has made a Davinci Code we all can figure out with its decadent dessert flavoured butter pecan brulee. Delicious!
As you ponder these ultimate mysteries, try not to get lost in your thoughts and the fabulously huge clouds you’ll be emitting. Order your mystery eliquid today and discover the truth for yourself!

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