Element Dripper

Element e-Liquids: The Best of Nature Blended in Unique Infusions for a More Exciting Vaping Experience!

All American-Made Flavours

Element Dripper flavours are all American-made e-liquid. Its manufacturer, Element e-Liquids is based in sunny South Florida, with a mission to maintain the integrity of their brand, the strength of their product, and the purity of the American-made e-liquids. With its wide selection of fruity and classic infusions, Element e-Liquids guarantees premium quality of their Dripper series made especially for different types of mods.

Element e-Liquids’ Dripper series is formulated with 20% propylene glycol and 80% vegetable glycerin ratio to perfectly boost cloud production, making it exciting and more fun for cloud and flavour chasers while perfecting their vaping experience!

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Ingredients, Nicotine Content, Steeping Process

The Element Dripper series is guaranteed made from the finest ingredients in the US. All natural, it is produced and processed in accordance with the national standards to ensure premium quality. Its nicotine content came from the most prestigious US companies. The company also follows a steeping process that allows you to vape right after you purchase your desired flavour.

Another thing that this company boasts of is their quality status in the industry as they are ISO 9001:2008 certified. They got the mark of a winner, formulating high-quality vapes and e-liquids.

Find the Best Element Dripper Series at Vapebuzz!

Started in Burlington Bertie, Vapebuzz has been a traditional cigarette merchant in Liverpool and later became known as London’s most established cigarette retailer for 25 years. As modernisation and health awareness extended to smoking, the company efficiently adapted to the changing trends in smoking. They went from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

Vapebuzz has diversified its products, from the traditional cigarette to the electronic ones. Because of this primary step, the company has gradually grown into a well-known distributor of vapes and flavours. One of the best-selling products is the Element Dripper series. This flavour expert has captured the taste of adventurous vapers out there and formulated unique flavours from nature! Vapebuzz has 13 of them in store for all vape newbies and experts. Find out which one suits your palette!

  • Apple Acai Dripper – This tropical blend of clean crisp apples and sweet Acai berries gives you the relaxing scent of a tropical paradise. Formulated with 80% vegetable glycerin, it gives you the densest cloud production possible!
  • Banana Nut Dripper – Enjoy your morning coffee with a luscious taste of freshly baked banana nut pastry right in your tank! It has a caramel overtone that completes your vape’s fruity nutty taste.
  • Crema Dripper – This cream-based vapour gives you the satisfaction for your sweet tooth. It has that sweet creamy filling of cake rolls, tiramisu, and other delicious desserts. Savor the creamy treat in a vape!
  • Fresh Squeeze Dripper – Enjoy the refreshing flavour of naturally sweet freshly squeezed orange right in your tank.
  • Frost Dripper – Savor the icy cool sensation from Element’s sweet frosty blend of menthol and luscious fruits.
  • Key Lime Cookie Dripper – A unique combination of buttery cream-filled cookies and sweet tangy limes that give you a refreshing taste on your palette.
  • Kiwi Redberry Dripper – A supreme blend of ripe kiwi with a hint of red berries loaded with a creamy base in one tank to give you that soothing sweet taste!
  • Pink Grapefruit Dripper – Taste the bitter-sweet pungent aroma of the Forbidden fruit. This is just one of the citrus collection of Element Dripper that will quench your thirst for the energising fruits of the tropics!
  • Pink Lemonade Dripper – Give your throat the zesty hint of lemonade with a zingy blend of Red fruit. Inhale this soothing combo and enjoy an exhilarating citrus exhale!
  • Pomegranate Dripper – Experience the refreshing blend of red pomegranate and cranberry with a hint of creamy notes. With a blast of 80% vegetable glycerin, this flavour can simply give the invigorating hit!
  • Strawberry Whip Dripper – Enjoy the creamy infusion of the creamy strawberry whip and banana nut all in one vape. Savor the sweet scent from inhale to exhale!
  • Watermelon Chill Dripper – Beat the heat with the refreshing blend of watermelon and mint. This energising infusion of minty sweet watermelon and mint will surely give your vaping experience a cool blast!
  • Zen Dripper – Delight yourself in the relaxing infusion of lychee, guava, and peach with a hint of the calming passionflower in every puff. With 80% vegetable glycerin formulation uniquely made by Element Dripper, this vape flavour can give you the relaxation that you have always wanted!

The Element Dripper series are made available at Vapebuzz at a great price! Not only do we offer vape juices. We also sell mods, tanks, coils, accessories, and other vape parts and replacements. For orders and enquiries, you can contact us through our website or just drop us a line at 0207 929 2242.