Founded in South Florida, Far is an e-liquid line conceived by Element’s team of master craftsmen. In line with the Element’s collection, Far is made with the finest pharmaceutical-grade and food-grade ingredients, where the process from start to finish is made in the United States. The juices are pre-steeped so there is no delay in enjoying the fantastic flavours.
Far is constantly working towards the absolutely perfect formula with scientific precision to guarantee new users and pro vapers will continually come back for more. The company specializes in fruity dessert flavours and masterful twists on candy tastes that will transport you back to your youth. If you’ve never tried Far e-liquids, Vapebuzz is here to guide you down the right path. Your taste buds will thank us as you enjoy these flavours all day long.
Neon Green Slushie is such a unique flavour that makes your mouth water just thinking about it. For those of you that love that lime taste, this is a must have. It is a perfect summer vape because it is a never-ending combination of neon green lime and a refreshing slush ice. There is so much zest and bold lime flavour that is perfectly sweetened, that it’s hard to not be satisfied from inhale to the exhale to the aftertaste. You will always feel refreshed after trying the Neon Green Slushie flavour.
Calling all grape lovers, Grape Vape tastes like a classic grape soda–a delightful, lightweight, and fragrant medley of red, ruby, and Concord flavours to inhale and create beautiful clouds of vapour with. The sugary taste lingers on your tongue after you exhale, making the sweetness last to your palate’s satisfaction. Far always does a great job of accurately describing the taste without selling any frills and they can do that because of the quality ingredients they use, and the time and care put in by the mixologists to create these special flavours.
Candy Punch is a flavour that transports you to the days when you were a child in a candy store. You only had a little bit of money so you had to choose the best candy. The only difference between then and now is that the search is over! Candy Punch is the clear winner.
One the inhale, it tastes like punch flavoured candy treats and on the exhale there is delightfully sweet hit of punch. If rainbows had a specific flavour, this might be spot on. Your taste buds will feel like they are showering in rainbows, vibrant sweet candy treats, and colourful fruits. If you have a sweet tooth that can’t be satiated, Candy Punch is strong contender to satisfy this craving.
Here at Vapebuzz, we appreciate companies that bare their passions in the products they make and Far e-liquids always delivers the goods. Whether it’s an all-day vape or sampling throughout your day, Far has a taste for you!

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