Joyetech was founded in 2007 and since then maintains a sole focus on brand development. The result has been constant research and development of new technologies that have significantly changed the e-cigarette industry. Joyetech’s current trajectory will solidify them as the leaders in the e-cigarette industry and is being propelled by their high-end technology and product offering.

In tandem with their rich experience and expertise, Joyetech offers competitive and reliable service which sets the tone for the rest of the industry. No wonder customers have come to hold certain expectations when it comes to Joyetech products. This continued focus on brand development and the relentless research is the winning formula employed at Joyetech. In the end, being so focused on the customer will not only lead to their continued success but will allow for continued inspiration across their product line as the industry keeps evolving to match the customers needs.

Simply, Joyetech is one of the most successful e-cigarette companies ever. Like many companies, they began small with the eGo style vape pen. This is a testament to other startups, one does not need a large product offering to begin. All that is needed is a one product that exceeds even your own expectations and fulfills a need. The eGo style vape pen launched them into the upper stratosphere, breaking away from the competition before the game really started by standardizing some parts of the vaporizer, which allows the industry to build off what they created. As they enjoy accolades from the community, they also have several Chinese, American, and British patents showing off their engineering depth, as well their expertise in their craft. If the past is any indication, the future is bright for Joyetech.

As Joytech’s research team continues charging ahead, they will continue to break molds, break barriers, and bring innovative design to the e-cigarette industry. They will continue to have a hand in molding the way we approach vaping.

Vapebuzz is a proud supplier of Joyetech and as they continue to expand their offering, so will we. We share in their customer focused approach, providing only the best products and in-depth content to help you attain your goals. Whether it is modifying your vaporizer and completely changing your experience, simply trying a new fun flavour, or assisting you in the process of quitting, we want to be there with the right tools and knowledge for you to succeed. Pick up one of Joyetech’s products and discover the difference that is Joyetech.


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