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Need a Handy, On-the-Go Pastry or Fruit? Grab a KILO e-Liquid

Since it was founded in 2014, KILO e liquid has become a staple for many vapers, pro or newbie alike. The brand has achieved so much, making them world-renowned and award-winning in just two years in the industry. Kilo boasts of originality and style in creating e-juices, both of which are evident in their tasty pastry, cake, and dessert flavours. So, if you’re fond of cakes or pastries after every meal, KILO is your go-to brand.

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Perfect Dessert Flavours

While other brands feature fruity and creamy flavours, Kilo opts to serve the delectable taste of cakes and pastries. The following are merely a few of the brand’s best-selling e-juices:

  • Birthday Cake – Help your vaper friend celebrate their birthday in the most memorable way. Buy a Kilo Birthday Cake e-liquid for a one-of-a-kind natal day gift.
  • Apple Pie, Milk & Cookies – The Kilo Black Series also features popular dessert flavours – Milk & Cookies and Apple Pie & Cinnamon, which are perfect when you feel like eating a cookie or pie, but can’t.
  • Cream Milk – This is perfect for the milk-lover, but who can’t grab a cup of milk at the moment.
  • True Blue, Dewberry Cream and Fruit Whip – Berries are good for the heart. However, if a real one isn’t available, it’s great to vape a berry-flavoured e-cig instead.
  • Honey Crème and Kiberry Yogurt – Opt for this flavour to enjoy the refreshing taste of honey or yogurt anytime, anywhere.

The best-selling Kilo e liquid UK offers are available here in Vapebuzz. Choose from a wide range of beloved flavours that can only come from Kilo. Get one now!