Nasty Juice

Nasty Juice is the real deal. Hailing from Tempin, Malaysia, they burst onto the scene in 2015 and their imprint on the vaping scene is already undeniable. Founders Pak Din and Mr. Loky started their venture at the Vapex International Malaysia 2015 with a goal of doing vaping right on a global level. Nasty Juice’s popularity seemingly has no ceiling as they continue to grow exponentially in UAE, USA, the UK, and Europe. They have some of the best brand recognition with their trade mark aluminum bottles and metal carrying case, reminiscent of the metal lunch boxes from grade school. Nasty Juice also has the best marketing in the industry and have the following accolades:

  • The Best Fruit E-Liquid Poland 2016
  • The Best Malaysia Juice In UAE
  • The Best Malaysia Juice In Bahrain
  • The Best Branding Vape Con KL 2017
  • The Best Fruity Vape Con KL 2017
  • The Best Juice Of The Year Vapouround Award 2017
  • The Best Branding & Marketing Vapouround Award 2017
  • The Best Menthol Vaper Expo UK

The reason, in part, for their staggering success is the fact that the vaping industry is very young and growing rapidly. Nasty Juice has found the winning formula to tap into beginners and veterans alike by always staying up to date with the current social trends and designs that grab the attention and don’t let go.

The other part of their success and growing following is a customer-first mentality, and ability to produce a superior range of products that simply outshines the competition. The brand’s product design team is committed to raising the standards of ejuice making. Each of the vape juices from Nasty Juice is made with food grade ingredients for superior quality in taste. From the very beginning, they continually release one outstanding eliquid flavor after another. Clearly, Nasty Juice’s success is directly attributed to their ability to conjure authentic fruit and dessert/candy tastes from a variety of ingredients. The result is every hit of Nasty Juice satisfies the taste buds and fulfills the desire to enjoy those mouth-watering flavours. Truly, it changes your mood knowing that what you are putting in your body is made with the best ingredients that are as accurate and authentic as possible. For us at Vapebuzz, this is what truly matters more than anything.

As if that wasn’t enough, they are changing the culture that is the vape industry. Nasty Juice are not providing an ejuice, they are providing a lifestyle. From their videos to their images to their product presentation, they want to you to enjoy the Nasty Juice lifestyle. That lifestyle encompasses sustainable living, to urban wear and skate decks. Nasty Juice has its finger on the pulse of the market. Best of all, they are listening by providing top-notch quality and great customer service. In the long run this will only help everyone in the industry by creating an efficient and reliable product that is genuine from start to end.

This authenticity spills over to their anti-fakes practices and policies where they actively hunt down and put a stop to fake eliquid, creating a safer environment for all.

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