Fresh and Exciting E Juice Flavors from Ruthless Vapor

Established in 2011, Ruthless E Juice is a California-based company that has been producing some of the best e juices in the vaping world. Most of the people in Ruthless have backgrounds in the culinary arts and, with their hard work, they are able to produce mouth-watering e liquids that have satisfied vapers from all over the world.

Ruthless makes sure that everything from the ingredients to the service is first-class. All the materials used to make their eliquids are from the U.S.A. to ensure quality and safety. With great attention to detail, Ruthless Vapor continues to produce e juice concoctions with unique and mouth-watering flavours for every vaper to enjoy!

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Apple Caramel Drop E-Liquid

Enjoy the rich taste of rich artisan caramel with a hint of crisp green apples. This Ruthless e liquid lets you immediately taste the fresh tanginess upon your first inhale. As you let the vapour linger in your mouth, you’ll then experience the gourmet caramel aftertaste. This is a go-to option when you’re looking for a fruity, candy, dessert blend.

Bedrock Ice Cream Donuts E-Liquid

For vapers who can’t get enough of their doughnuts and vanilla ice cream, the Bedrock Ice Cream Donuts E-liquid from Ruthless is the perfect e juice for you. This irresistible eliquids flavor comes in a brightly-coloured box with eye-catching creative designs. You’ll find that the decadent yet fun taste perfectly matches with the graphics.

Cookie Monsta E-Liquid

Packed with freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, glazed doughnuts, and fluffy marshmallows, this e juice flavor will let your inner cookie monsta out. It may sound like a crazy profile at first but you’ll see that it’s an ultimate dessert blend.

Ez Duz It E-liquid

Enjoy the fruity and sweet flavour of strawberries mixed with watermelons. Easy on the mouth, this simple combination should be a staple for every flavour chaser out there. You can get this eliquids in 15 ml or 30 ml bottle sizes. You can also choose from four nicotine strengths: 0mg (nicotine-free), 3 mg, 6 mg, or 12 mg.

Ez Duz It On Ice E-liquid

Can’t get enough of the flavour of strawberries and watermelons in your vape? Experience the sweetness of the fruits with the coolness of menthol this time around. This variation of the Ez Duz It E-liquid lets you taste the watermelon with strawberry hints all throughout your drag. At the same time, the constant kick of cool menthol will stop you from getting bored.

Grape Drank E-liquid

If you love everything grapes, then you will absolutely like this e juice from Ruthless Vapor. Taste all the greatness of refreshing grape soda in every puff of the Grape Drank E-liquid. It has an 85 to 15 VG/PG ratio so you can expect some really strong flavours with every hit.

Jungle Fever E-liquid

Want to try something tropical for once? Get the sweet and citrusy taste of pineapple, citrus, and mango into your vape. Every puff of Ruthless Jungle Fever E-liquid will let you experience the sweetness of a fruity harvest from the jungle. This product is also made to blow large chunky clouds while still maintaining its rich flavours.

Loaded Glazed Donuts E-liquid

A sweet treat for your taste buds as you puff. Get a bite of mouthwatering fresh-from-the-oven sweet and sugary doughnuts with hints of cinnamon with this Ruthless e juice. You don’t need to drop by your favourite bakeshop to indulge in delicious pastries as you can just breathe in the vapour from this e liquid.

Loaded Smores E-Liquid

Get your vaping experience loaded with s’mores from Ruthless Vapor. This amazing and delectable e-liquid flavor will let vapers taste the delicious and sweet sugar graham cracker with a block of creamy milk chocolate and the perfect amount of gooey marshmallows. You can get this s’mores flavored e-liquid at 120 ml bottles with 3 mg nicotine strength.

Mandingo E-liquid

Tired of your plain e juices? Try the Mandingo E-liquid by Ruthless Vapor and experience a profile of banana, cinnamon, and nut bread in every drop. Put a little excitement in your vapor experience with the freshest ingredients thanks to Ruthless. This is yet another of their more unique and original flavours to date.

Menage A Trois E-Liquid

Do not be misled by the sexy name as this eliquids is sure to suit everyone’s tastes. Take a puff of raspberry crème brulee cheesecake with Ruthless Vapor’s Menage A Trois E-liquid. Then again, everyone is certain to be seduced by cheesecake so you can understand why this variant was given such a scandalous name.

Peach Fuzz E-liquid

Make your vaping experience just peachy with Peach Fuzz from Ruthless Vapor. This is the best way to enjoy a mouthwatering peaches and cream flavor in your e-liquid. Depending on your preference, you can enjoy vaping with 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, or 12 mg nicotine strength. The Peach Fuzz also comes in two bottle sizes: 15 ml and 30 ml.

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