Why The Electronic Cigarette Company (TECC) Is the Mark of High Quality in the E-Cig Industry

As one of the oldest cigarette companies in the UK, it’s not a surprise that The Electronic Cigarette Company or simply TECC is at the forefront of anything and everything e-cig.

Founded in 2008, the East Lancashire-based company is one of the leading providers of vaping products with exceptional durability and quality, providing vapers good value for their money. Choose from a wide range of vaping devices and e-liquids that are sure to make your vaping experience an exceptional one, whether it’s your first or hundredth time.

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The TECC Brand

As one of the first online merchants of e-cigarettes and one of the most prominent e-cig companies in the UK, the TECC brand has become a household name, well-known not only for the quality of their products but also for the level of customer service they provide that contribute to 8 years of customer satisfaction.

Their sales team is composed of friendly and enthusiastic individuals ready to help customers regarding any queries related to the TECC’s streamlined stock list. The goal is to provide vapers a stress-free and enjoyable experience, which the company has delivered without fail.

The TECC Products

If there is something that TECC is known for, it will be their e-cig kits and atomizers.

The TECC Arc 4 e-cig kit, for example, sets the standard for e-cig devices and is one of the leading devices in the Arc range. It comes with a CS Air 2 Tank specially selected for its performance and durability. Combined with a 1.5ohm atomizer and adjustable airflow, you can easily custom-tailor your vape according to your vaping preferences. It has a bottom-filled design that makes it easy to switch atomizers without the need to empty the e-liquid.

The kit is integrated with a 2200mAh battery that has well-thought-out safety and compatibility features – protection against short circuits, 5-click on/off functionalities, stainless steel threads, and a spring loaded firing pin. The OLED screen, on the other hand, not only provides key vaping information but also allows you to set a variable wattage and activate stealth mode.

Did we mention that it has up to 40W of power? Yes, this particular feature, combined with the other components previously mentioned make the Arc 4 e-cig kit a must-have for all vapers.

If you’re looking for a palm-sized version of the Arc 4, there’s the Arc Mini e-cigarette kit. It comes with similar features as its older brother but in a downsized version. That is, the battery is only at 1050mAh battery, reducing the output power from 40W to 20W. What it lacks in power capacity, however, it makes up for portability. Both Arc kits have a conveniently placed USB port that allows you to vape while it is charged.

Atomizers are yet another of TECC’s specialities. The TECC BDC Atomizer Head is a crowd favourite with its bottom dual coil that ensures excellent vapour production. As you may know, the coil is responsible for vapourising the e-liquid as it heats up and the e-juice passes through the atomizer. So if you put two coils in the place of one, expect the vapourisation process to be a lot faster and with double the volume.

An e-cig can never be without an atomizer. But TECC takes this vital concept to a new level by providing you with a compact device that uses dual coil technology and with a resistance of 1.8ohm that translates to low resistance but with higher heat production.

BDC Atomizer Head is sold in pairs, which means you won’t need to buy replacements frequently. With atomizers lasting up to 4 weeks on average, receiving two from a single purchase would mean you don’t need to get another one quickly after you received your first order.

TECC caters to vapers of all types and offers a range of devices that are tailored to suit every type, new or otherwise, traditional or modern. With a good understanding that the e-cig industry is constantly and continuously changing, the company strives to evolve with it, which means they can even cater to the vaping needs of the new breed of vapers, whichever form they might take. From e-cig kits to e-juices, you know you get the highest quality products from TECC.

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