Teslacigs e-cig Group, a Shenzhen, China company was established in 2009 with the sole purpose of manufacturing and designing the best electronic cigarettes/vapor hardware around the world. The strategy employed for this lofty goal is to focus on the research, development, and manufacturing of healthier alternatives to cigarette smoking devices. Teslacig has emerged and is blossoming as one of the leaders in the ecig industry.

Tesla e-cig Group has historically introduced many successful products beginning with the release of the Tesla VW device to the M Series of products to the Spider Series to the Sidewinder series and Invader collection of box mods. Since 2009, they have been releasing great products, one after another, becoming a top branded company in china. It is easy to see why they have had a great success: high quality technology and innovative designs are on the forefront of the company’s business plan.

Inspired by one of the most influential inventors of all time, Teslacigs harnessed that creative spirit in their brand name. Like Nikola Tesla, this brand develops vaporizers that are advanced beyond their time and by keeping name in the forefront of their minds they are able to keep his spirit alive in every product they release. Teslacigs stealth devices like the Tesla Nano 60W TC Compact Box Mod are the ideal vaping device for those who want to enjoy discretion in vaping. Easily carry one of these Tesla Nanos 60W in your pocket and step away for a quick vape no matter where you are. This device works great with any of the sub-ohm tanks currently on the market, or your favorite rebuildable atomizer, and features a USB port for on-board charging.  

Teslacigs’ other dimension is a passion to know the needs of their customers, to fulfill their needs. They constantly encourage their users to supply them with feedback on vape experiences, vape product reviews, and general vape comments. Clearly tapping into a surefire way of continued growth, Teslacigs enjoys learning about the reception of their products and does not shy away from investigating. It is a characteristic we appreciate here at Vapebuzz since our focus is to create a platform that vaping enthusiasts can call home. It is more than providing great product, but staying on the forefront of everything vape, while only sharing products we know will enrich your life, and beyond satisfactorily, fulfill your vaping needs.

It is something Teslacigs focuses on and we’re glad to promote the products of brands of the industry that share these values. If you have any questions about the current release of any Teslacig products or our opinions on certain products, feel free to contact us at info@vapebuzz.co.uk, where we can discuss honestly what will work best for you and guide you to those products. Helping you is our priority! Drop us a line or pick up a fantastic Tesla Nano 60W TC Compact Box Mod today!


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