Established in 2006. Vaporesso was initially created as a subsidiary of SMOORE, a huge player in the e-cig industry and the earliest and largest manufacturer in the electronic cigarette industry. Vaporesso and SMOORE boast one of the most influential research and development team allowing to them to take on their mission of bringing a better alternative to cigarette population with the smartest tools and technology. This approach will continually change the way we see our industry, eventually making our lives better for it.

Here at Vapebuzz, we love the Target mod for its great design, attention to detail, and aesthetics. The inspiration for this design is said to come from retro joysticks (Pong comes readily to mind) allowing for a larger compartment space to accommodate the larger batteries and circuits involved. This is ideal because it allows for every level of user to use or modify to their comfort level. We love when we see customers engaged and maximizing their vaping experience, that’s what this community is all about, and when a company is facilitating this we must share it with our friends.

It’s always awesome to find brands that are truly passionate about the industry at large and we find this in Vaporesso. They are passionate about vaping culture and the wonderful positive energy that surrounds the vaping community, just as we do. The quality and aesthetic of their product speaks volumes to those who have enjoyed the Vaporesso brand. Whether you are a novice or a pro, a recreational user or using this to quit smoking, you can enjoy the quality of the products like leakproof tanks, accessibility and workability of the product, and expert manufacturing allowing safer hardware with greater heating elements.

A brand like Vaporesso inspires confidence in the product. Since they are able to boast one of the most effective research and development teams in the industry they can confidently assess the needs of our community and consistently achieve breakthroughs in technology. With 300 key patents and a team of several hundred engineers each with an average of six years of experience, it’s no wonder they can deliver a product that exceeds even their own expectations. They have built an expertise other companies can only hope for.

That delivery is obvious in their high-level craftmanship, notably their fine attention to the little things like details and finishing. It’s the little things that matter because they add up, but when a company can have a fine grasp on what matters from the blueprint stage to the delivery, it’s no wonder there is such great passion imbued in Vaporesso’s products. Try our Target Mini Vape Kit and see for yourself. It has great aesthetics in their artistic designs, great ergonomics allowing for a natural feeling that won’t distract from the flavour, and high-end parts to guarantee you will enjoy using the vaporizer as much it is pleasing to look at.

Relentless quality, beautiful craftmanship, and giant clouds are only a few steps away. Just be prepared for all the vape-envy from your friends!


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