TECC Coils

These replacement CS atomizer heads come in twos for your usage convenience. These atomizer heads allow e-cigarette users to have vaping options when using a wide variety of TECC CS tanks, as these are perfectly compatible with different CS tanks. These atomizer heads from TECC CS are developed with dual TECC coils and have a resistance of 1.50 or 1.80 ohm to get that full flavor and great vapour production.

When it comes to RCS vaping, you will definitely get a better experience with the TECC coils or atomizer heads we offer. With the use of dual coil technology packed in a compact and light body, these heads will make your vaping more satisfying. The coils are always immersed in e-liquid, which means you will enjoy fuller flavors and better smoke.
Take a closer look at these TECC coils now and be on your way to a better, more flavorful, and more satisfactory vaping experience!

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