Cereal Trip E-Liquid by Bad Drip




Ever wanted a sure-fire way of knowing who your real friends are? Here at Vapebuzz, we may have a solution for you. Tell your friends and loved ones not to touch your Cereal Trip by Bad Drip Labs and then leave this e-liquid unguarded for a hand full of minutes. If they don’t touch it, you are beloved. How do we know this will work?
Cereal Trip may possibly be the best cereal vape ever conceived by mankind and to harness that kind of self-control, there must be some strong feelings for you. Cereal Trip tastes like your favourite fruity cereal spread over a frosted donut that is then bathed in the sugar-rich milk found at the end of a delicious bowl of cereal. You may cry from joy when you try this.

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Nicotine Strength

3mg Nicotine


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