Farley’s Gnarly Sauce E-Liquid by Bad Drip




This citrusy vaping liquid is a fine mixture of a tangy and sweet flavour. Bad Drip has outdone themselves in putting the fruity essence of kiwi and strawberry together to create an irresistible concoction. It is then topped off with a subtle bubblegum nectar that completes its sweet sensation. The makers of this e-liquid have securely used high-grade ingredients to ensure the quality of the product.

Many have grown to admire the strong vapour it produces with the 20% propylene glycol and 80% vegetable glycerine ratio. This will give you the sweet mellow kick in every puff. A 30ml bottle of Farley’s Gnarly Sauce has a 3-mg content of nicotine, with a light content that will give you just enough of a flavourful hit as the vapour enters your throat. If you want something refreshing with equal portions of tanginess and sweetness, try out Farley’s Gnarly Sauce e-liquid by Bad Drip.

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3mg Nicotine


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