Kanger SSOCC Clapton Coils – 5 Pack


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The Kanger SSOCC Clapton Coils reflect Kanger’s dedication to making high-quality parts for the best vaping experience possible. By using the Clapton formation in the coil/atomizer head, a technique where a smaller gauge wire is wrapped in a larger gauge wire, the Kanger SSOCC Clapton Coils has successfully increased the surface area to produce fantastic vapor clouds. The liquid is then able to penetrate small pockets in the wire to strengthen the flavour production.

By also manufacturing the SSOCC Clapton Coils with 100% Japanese Organic Cotton as wicking material, Kanger have been able to provide a clean and true taste for any liquid you choose from. The reason for this is the organic cotton is devoid of bleaches and other impurities that damper the flavour.



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