Lava Flow E-Liquid by Naked 100




Do you want to feel like you’re holidaying on a tropical island in your next vape session? Give Lava Flow E-liquid by Naked 100 a go then. This e-juice features a rich mixture of mouthwatering fruits such as strawberries, coconuts, and pineapples. With just the right balance of each ingredient, it will give you a refreshing taste every time you puff.

Lava Flow perfectly fuses the sweet taste of strawberries with refreshing drops of coconut water plus the teasingly sweet and tangy syrup of fresh pineapples. Each drop of Naked 100’s e-liquid will seduce your taste buds in taking in more puffs, and maybe even tempt you to book the next flight out to Hawaii.

This flavour option comes in a easy-to-use yet sturdy 60 ml bottle. Every bottle contains 3 mg nicotine for a light, flavourful, and exciting vaping experience. Enjoy the exotic tropical island flavour of each Lava Flow drop.

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