Pinkman E Juice by Vampire Vape


A wonderfully tangy, citrusy and fruity detonation in your mouth.



To all those who love fruity flavours, Vampire Vape’s Pinkman E Liquid is the perfect vape juice for you! Experience an explosion of sweetness that will make your mouth water even after you’ve finished vaping. Have a taste of the exciting flavor notes of this e-juice from Vampire Vape that will leave a fresh tanginess in your mouth. With the citrusy combination of lemon, grapefruit, and orange, the Pinkman E-Liquid is sure to satisfy vapers’ cravings for all things fruity in their hit.

Vampire Vape, who manufactures their e-liquids in Manchester, makes sure that all of the stuff put in their products are of high quality so you get only the best for your throat hit. You will find that the Pinkman e juice by Vampire Vape is the perfect flavoured e-liquid for fruit lovers who are looking to try a new tang in their vaping experience. Taste the difference yourself!

Additional information

Bottle Size


Nicotine Strength

6mg Nicotine, 12mg Nicotine


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