Have you ever taken a dry hit from your vaporizer? Have you felt the vicious and rough taste that accompanies letting your ejuice run too low, burning the wick and leaving your tongue in an understandably foul mood?

Then you may be happy to hear that there is an answer to this nasty hiccup in vaping operation. Temperature control is exactly what it sounds like; a way to control the temperature of the coil during vaping to ensure your vape never gets too hot. If it does get too hot, the vaporizer will stop the flow of current to your coil meaning your coil will stay undamaged and functional.

What Is Temperature Control?

What is an e-cigarrette or vaping mod?Temperature control or TC is a series of programs and circuitry that together allow you to set a coil heat in Fahrenheit or Celsius that the device will not exceed. This is done by taking advantage of one of the known properties of metal, heat and current; when a metal coil heats up its ability to pass current is changed. The change will depend on the metal being used, which is why you will often need to tell your vaporizer what type you are using in order to use TC accurately. As the coil heats up the vaporizer keeps track of the rate of current (voltage) and adjust the wattage accordingly. In the case of a sudden spike in temperature (as would occur if the eliquid ran dry), the device will stop the current entirely.

This means that once you have set a temperature, your device will always try to stay as close to that number as possible, adding and withdrawing power as needed.

As Brad from Vaporsmooth recommends, “if your looking for that balance between big clouds and rich flavor you need to find that perfect temperature that’s not too high and not too low. Know the material, atomizer / coils your using and set your temperature accordingly”.



How Do I Use Temperature Control?

TC might appear complex at first but with a little perseverance you can enjoy the benefits of a temperature controlled vape. Once you have attached a TC-compatible tank and coil to your vaporizer you will need to tell your device what type of coil you’re using. For some vaporizers there may be a single, catch-all TC vape mode that allows both Nickel (Ni) or Titanium (Ti) coils, for others you will need to specify one or the other – depending on what your coil is made from.

After you have set the coil type correctly, you should find the option that allows you to set the base resistance of the coil at room temperature. It’s important that the coil is truly at room temperature and has not been recently used. Remember how the coil uses voltage to measure the heat of the coil? If you don’t set the coil’s resistance at room temperature the vaporizer will use innacurate data to modulate the temperature, resulting in inaccurate readings from the coil.

You can now set the recommended wattage for your coil. This information can be found on the manufacturer’s website or by Googling your coil. Once this is done all you need to do is set your desired maximum temperature.

Coil Image

What Temperature?

As when you were using wattage to control your vaporizer you will want to start lower than you might think you need and work your way up to somewhere where you’re comfortable and happy. The normal range of temperatures is somewhere in the range of 200’C- 250’C / 392’F – 480’F.

So for instance, you might start on 200’C, work your way up to 225’C and find that that works perfectly for you. But then horror! You switch your ejuice to a new fruit flavour you’ve been wanting to try and the flavour is all wrong. Never fear, different ejuices will require different settings to find that sweet spot, keep experimenting.

Our favourite TC vape mod to recommend is the Smok Alien 220w Starter Kit for your first foray into TC vaping. It comes with a range of great options including temperature control, up to 220 watts of power and a TFV8 Baby Tank.


What Does TCR Mean?

This is a term you might have heard – Temperature Coefficient of Resistance or TRC for short is a number that relates to the changing resistance of a coil as it heats. TCR codes let you adjust your coil settings even further. This precise information can be used to fine tune your mod by giving the onboard computer the exact values of your coil, allowing it to maximise your device’s performance. You will need to google your coil for the TCR number, there is also a piece of software called Wire Wiz which will help you find the correct settings. Find it here.

We hope that this guide has helped you understand the intricacies of temperature control – that the mysteries and secrets have been revealed and you now have some understanding of the magic that goes on behind temperature control. If you’re struggling with which vaporizer to choose, fear not – with hundreds upon hundreds of vapes on the market it can certainly be a challenge to find the best vapes that suit your style and needs.