The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Vaping

Have you decided to quit cigarettes?

Are you interested in what all the fuss is about?

Or just have questions you can’t find the answer to?

Fear not, you’re in the right place. This page is the beginner’s one-stop-shop for all your vaping needs and information.

Here at Vapebuzz we’ve been in the vaping industry since it began, we’ve spent a ton of time learning all the ins and outs of this amazing technology so that we can pass it on to our customers. Unfortunately we can’t always answer everyone’s questions as quickly as we would like – therefore we created this Ultimate Beginners Vaping Guide to help all those new to vaping figure out exactly what vaping is, why we and millions of other people are so crazy about it, and which vaporizer is right for you.



Chapter 1

What is an e-cigarette or vaping mod?



Chapter 2

Why are e-cigarettes better for you than traditional cigarettes?



Chapter 3

There’s a lot of new words and terms; e-cigarette, mod, vaporizer… what does this all mean?



Chapter 4

What do you need to start vaping?



Chapter 5

Which vaporizer is right for you?



Chapter 6



Chapter 1: What is an E-cigarette or vaping mod?


In simple terms, an e-cigarette, mod, or vaporizer is a device that uses battery power to heat a metal coil with a wick of cotton or silica running through its center. The wick soaks up the ejuice (which we’ll come to in a moment) and draws it to the coil. The coil’s temperature causes the juice to vaporize, which just means that the juice becomes like a gas – diffused and suspended in the air. This creates the vapor clouds you inhale.The ejuice or eliquid is a mixture of a few different substances – mostly a blend of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, food flavourings. All of these ingredients are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. Nicotine is the final ingredient, and the one that gives e-cigarettes their ability to help smokers reduce and eventually cease consumption of tobacco.

Chapter 2: Why are e-cigarettes better for you than traditional cigarettes?


Why is vaping better than smoking?

It sure looks like smoking and you’re still getting the nicotine, isn’t that the bad thing in cigarettes? The answer isn’t quite so simple Yes, nicotine is an addictive substance, a mild stimulant and toxic in large doses. But so is caffeine. In fact, nicotine and caffeine share a number of qualities; both are stimulants, raising energy and focus. Both occur naturally in plants. Both constrict the blood vessels, raise blood pressure and increase the heart rate and cognitive function of the user. Both are addictive. Both can cause harm in large enough quantities.


But is the harmful aspect of cigarettes the nicotine?

Not really; it’s the combustion of organic material. The act of burning the plant matter causes a whole bunch of chemical reactions, releasing nasty chemicals like carbon monoxide, tar, benzene, and hydrogen cyanide.

These poisons slowly destroy the body and causes massive systemic damage over long periods of time. While inhaling anything that isn’t air is unlikely to be good for your lungs, there can be no debate that tobacco smoke is absolutely catastrophic for your body.

E-cigarettes and vaping is about harm reduction not harm elimination. A common approach to vaping is to start with a nicotine dose that matches what you would have received from your smoking habit, and then slowly, over the course of time lower the dose until you reach 0mg nicotine in your juice. At that point you can be sure that it is only the psychological habit that keeps you reaching for the vaporizer, we have heard many customers report that they simply stopped using their vaporizer, without any conscious effort.

There’s a reason why David Nutt, former advisor to the Ministry of Defence, Department of Health and the Home Office, described e-cigarettes as “probably the most significant advance [in medicine] since antibiotics”[1].

There has been talk that e-cigarettes are being marketed to children because of the brightly coloured, sweet tasting juices that are available, the truth brings us to another point regarding the qualities of e-cigarettes – the delicious flavours! Firstly, the idea that adults don’t want sweet things is patently ridiculous, I’ve seen adults eat desserts, chocolate and ice cream with my own eyes. Sweet things taste great. I like them, my friends like them, our customers like them. It’s not solely children with a sweet tooth.

Secondly, how many brands of traditional cigarettes offer a tiramisu flavour? Or vanilla custard cream? Or strawberry and lime? Let’s be honest, tobacco smoke tastes and smells pretty bad. If there’s a choice between smelling like an ashtray or a sweet factory, we’ll take the latter.

Sweet isn’t the only flavour available either, for those who do enjoy the taste of tobacco there are various flavours that imitate your favourite cigarette brand available, as well as menthol and even anise flavourings. In fact, nearly anything that exists as a food flavouring can be found as an ejuice for your vaporizer!


Chapter 3: There’s a lot of new words and terms; e-cigarette, mod, vaporizer… what does this all mean?

There’s a lot of different terms floating around when it comes to vaping, the industry is growing at an astonishing rate and the technology can change as quickly as the weather in August. Here’s what the most common terms mean:


Technically, any device that is capable of vaporizing liquid or solid material can be described as a vaporizer. All of the below are specific terms for a type of vaporizer.


Usually refers to a vaporizer. The term can also be loosely used to refer to any vaporizer used for consuming ejuice.


A type of e-cigarette that is designed to resemble a cigarette, they often have low battery life, produce poor vapour and taste bad.


A mod is a type of vaporizer that contains no electronic chips or components. It is entirely analog. Usually the mod is a rod shaped device containing a single large battery and a single switch which when pressed completes the circuit and powers the coil, creating vapor. These mods have a number of advantages over electronic mods as there are significantly fewer parts to fail. Check out our range here.


This is similar to the Mod, but an APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) contains circuitry, programming and often digital displays that allow for more precise control of the vaping experience. The APV mods, which are often box shaped, can do much more than analog mods. Features like displaying the remaining battery life, track data (inhalation time and number of puffs), adjust settings like wattage or voltage, and give readouts of the resistance of the coil. These devices aren’t just for experts, they can actually make vaping more simple and rewarding, leading those who use them to find sticking to vaping over smoking an easier task.

Box Mod

The box mod refers to the shape of the mod, you guessed it, it’s a box. These incredibly popular mods can come in either analog style or as APV’s. Most are APV’s, although analog box mods do exist.


Propylene Glycol has been around longer than vaping, it’s used in smoke machines, as a solvent for medicines and food colourings, and even in deodorant sticks. It’s classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) for human consumption by the FDA. In vaping, it’s thinner or less viscous than its counterpart Vegetable Glycerin but provides a stronger throat hit. Usually these two ingredients are mixed at a 50/50 ratio.


Vegetable Glycerin is a thicker or more viscous liquid with a sweeter taste. In vaping it provides thicker clouds and is an alternative for those who are allergic to Propylene Glycol.


A mixture of PG, VG, nicotine, and food flavourings used in vaporizers. Our selection can be found here.


Mouth-to-lung or MTL for short is the same way people smoke cigarettes – you draw smoke into the mouth using your tongue, cheeks, and/or jaws, then inhale it into your lungs. Set ups that offer this will likely have good flavour and use a higher nicotine ejuice to ensure the craving is satisfied, this can lead to harsher hits than some people enjoy. Most of these set ups won’t run higher than 15W and probably won’t need large batteries due to the small power consumption necessary to generate an MTL draw.


Direct-to-lung or DTL means you draw on the vaporizer the same way you breathe – straight into your lungs. This is the preferred style of vaping for many, myself included. You can (and should) use low nicotine ejuices so that the vape is smooth and soft, while still delivering the necessary nicotine due to the volume of vapor produced. You can use this different ways; doing great big lung inhales over 20 seconds, or shorter, more discreet hits if you chose to. DTL set ups will generally consume more ejuice and battery power than an MTL device, and are often larger.


Sub-ohm refers to a class of coils in which the resistance of the coil is less than 1 ohm. A lower resistance means more electrical current can pass through it – meaning hotter coils that can drink up ejuice and provide massive, thick clouds. VG is preferred over PG for these mixes, but due to the viscosity of VG the coils can suck up the ejuice faster than the VG can reach them. A dry hit from a coil is a taste you will never forget, so ensure your mix and settings are right for the ejuice mix.


RBA simply means ReBuildable Atomizer. RDA and RTA mean Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer and Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. An RBA is a more sophisticated way of vaping that allows you to build your own coils to your preference. The dripping atomizer means you drip the juice directly on the coil, there is no tank from which the cotton can draw juice. RDA’s need refilling almost constantly but give the best flavour of any style of vaping. Tank atomizers on the other hand are a nice middle ground between customisation, ease of use and taste, while it doesn’t quite reach the taste of an RDA (and nothing else really does) it is still significantly better than many of the more basic kits.

Chapter 4: What do you need to start vaping?

We live in an age of misinformation overload, and the vaping industry is no exception. When researching for the right vape, it’s worth asking yourself a few questions.

How committed are you?

There’s no shame in admitting it, quitting smoking is hard, that’s why despite everything we know about them 6 million people still die every year of smoking related diseases. If you’re not sure how committed you are to doing the big quit, you probably don’t want to invest money into something you may never use again. But beware! The cheapest e-cigarettes tend to fail to deliver a satisfying and proper vapor production, leading many to decide that e-cigarettes just aren’t for them! If you do want to quit, make sure you invest enough that you have a device that will perform what you need it to.

How much do you smoke?

People who smoke two packs a day will need a stronger vaporizer and stronger ejuice than someone who has three or four cigarettes a day. It’s important that in the beginning you get the right nicotine dose, or you will find yourself gravitating towards the cigarettes once more. A great vape beats the daylights out of smoking. Caramel flavoured cigarettes don’t exist, and if they did they’d be disgusting.

Do you want discretion, function, or durability?

This is less of a question that it used to be a few years ago, smaller, less ostentatious devices are available for the discerning socialite. While heavier, more durable and longer lasting mods are available for customers who do physical labour or are often moving around. If you want to blow big clouds like the cool kids, you’ll want a precision device capable of adjusting the parameters necessary. If you just want something pretty, there’s a range of delicious looking devices to satiate your desire for splendour.

How long until you can charge it again?

For most, this is a non-issue — most mods will be capable of giving you a day’s worth of vaping without trouble. In some cases some though – people with the very small box mods or the non-stop vapers – they may need something a little bigger. Alternatively, ensure your vaporizer has replaceable batteries and keep a spare set with you.

What’s your budget for a vaping kit?

This is a great question and let’s be honest – if you’re a smoker you should consider investing a little more upfront. Why? Because a decent vaporizer kit and ejuice will satisfy your cravings and let you move away from burning tobacco, which as mentioned is the most harmful element of smoking. How much do you spend in a week on cigarettes? Consider how much you can save in the long run by switching to vaping, not to mention the health benefits.

Kits starts as low as £24.99 for the Joyetech EGO AIO, which is for many only a week or two of cigarette money.

If you’re still unsure, check out our recommended vaping kits below.

What features do you want for your vape kit?

This is the question that we try and answer in this guide. At the low end you have simple mechanical mods with a push button that completes the circuit and runs an electrical current through your coil. On the higher end you have microchipped APV’s with full colour displays and temperature control. How much you want or need is up to you. We recommend beginning with a starter kit in order to learn the ins and outs of vaping once you have found your feet you’ll be able to move on to more complex mods. See our guide below for a thorough breakdown of our favourite e-cigarettes and mods.

Where will you be vaping mostly, on-the-go or at home?

If you need a vaporizer for at home only, consider going with something with a smaller battery, as recharging will be less of an issue. If you’ll be moving around and vaping a lot, a larger capacity battery might be handy. Of course, if you’re concerned you can always buy a spare battery or two and keep a charged one on you, this will ensure you’re never caught without battery power, which is the number one way people end up using cigarettes again, plan ahead.

What are the kinds of batteries available and how many will you need?

There are such a vast array of battery sizes, power rating and discharge ratings that it almost deserves its own article. Suffice to say, the battery you’ll need will depend on the mod type you buy. For most however, 18650 batteries are the most common size, and come from a range of excellent companies such as eFest and Sony.

You can always call or email us to discuss your options if you’re unsure.

What accessories will you want?

This is another one of those things that again falls upon the personal preferences of the individual. There are always new chargers, new mods, new batteries and new coils. One usually finds their own style as they learn about vaping and begin to customise their mod to their preferences. If you’re using separate batteries a decent charger will always be a good investment.

Chapter 5: Which vaporizer is right for you?

There’s obviously a dizzying range of vaporizers, box mods, and APV’s scattered across the internet, narrowing it down to just a few can seem like a herculean task, but fear not! Here are the four vaporizers we recommend..


Aspire PockeX (Price: £24.99)

This little pocket rocket proves that good things do come in small sizes. The Aspire PockeX is a small device standing at 12cm tall and 2cm wide – perfect for purses and pockets everywhere. It has a large battery capacity of 1500mAh (milliamp hour, which tells you how much energy the device can hold) meaning you’ll be able to puff away all day without worrying about running out of power. The shiny device comes in 7 colours, including chromatic for those who like pretty colours.The tank is one of the best parts about this device – it’s leak proof and can hold a full 2ml. More than enough ejuice for even the smokiest of smokers. It’s filled from the top, which is handy, but even better – the coils can be replaced without emptying the oil. I cannot tell you how useful this feature is ladies and gents, pouring it all out into little containers or having to wait until the ejuice is finished is a small hassle, but a constant one. With this device you can forget worrying about the mess and cleanup of coil changing.

This is also a great vape for mouth-to-lung vaping, or MTL, which means you inhale it like you would with cigarettes – giving a familiar feeling and “hit” on the back of the throat that some smokers miss.

In terms of drawbacks, there’s no adjustable airflow option, which means you’re stuck with the air mix Aspire have set on it. There’s also no battery indicator, which can be a real pain if you leave it too long and then take it somewhere you’re unable to charge it. Running out of battery power on your vaporizer is the equivalent of running out of cigarettes – frustrating to say the least.

Despite those drawbacks, this is probably the best starter mod on the market.


Smok V8 Kit (PRICE: £59.99)


This is a great pen shaped mod for all those cloud chasers out there. The Smok V8 Kit has a massive 3000mAh battery, which is good because the 0.15ohm M2 coils in the tank suck up a bunch of power and ejuice – giving you the thickest, tastiest clouds imaginable. With the TFV8 Big Baby the Smoke V8 holds 2ml of ejuice but a 4 ml adapter is available for those on the go.The kit comes with other coils, so you can adjust the cloud density to your liking, and the tank has an adjustable airflow, allowing you to set the amount of draw to your preference. It also fills from the top, which is almost an industry standard at this point, but a welcome addition to the impressive lineup of features on the Smoke V8.

Now, as mentioned the 0.15ohm coil does drink a lot of eliquid, so you’ll need to take that into account when considering this one. For me, the increased taste and vapor is worth going through the ejuice faster, but you might feel differently. Another limitation is that the SMoke V8 can only be used with 6mg nicotine ejuice, this is again because of the massive amount of vapor it produces – a higher mg would be too much nicotine for this little fog machine.

Lastly, we can’t recommend using a high PG liquid in this device VG performs much better with low resistance coils.

DTL vaping is possible with this device and extremely satisfying in my opinion. Overall, this is a great vaporizer that offers slightly more serious vape potential than the Aspire PockeX. If you’re looking for something with a bit more punch, this is it.


TECC Arc Mini (PRICE: £32.99)


The first box mod in the list is this cute APV, and the first electronic cigarette on my list which has adjustable wattage. This allows you to change the intensity of the vapor and heat, allowing for a more personalized vaping experience. It offers 1050mAh battery, which is the smallest on the list so far, but the device itself is designed to be compact and discrete, nearly the whole box can be enclosed by the hand, making it a great choice for those who aren’t too fussed about recharging it often, and would prefer something unobtrusive.It has a small LED screen which can tell you the battery power left (great for a device with a petite battery) and what wattage you’re using. You’ll be using this device for MTL vaping, and it’s a great starting point for those that would prefer the experience more closely resemble cigarettes. The tank is leak proof so you can be sure when leaving it your pockets or purses that your clothes or belongings won’t be ruined.

The drawbacks are the low wattage limit of 20W, which could be better. It’s also not recommended to use high VG ejuice in this device as PG will perform better. For a beginner though, the wattage should suffice and the limitation of not using VG is present in many other devices. Overall, a great little APV box mod, with a few simple but useful features that separate it from your average e-cigarette.


Joyetech EGO AIO 1.5 (PRICE £24.99)


This mod is another excellent starter e-cigarette for the beginners. AIO stands for all-in-one, allowing you to use the device to do both MTL or DTL inhaling, which is a nice option to have on a single device. It’s widely recommended a one of the best starter kits due to its low price and admirable range of functions including top refilling, a 1500mAh battery and controllable air control. There are a range of coils available for the Ego AIO, but a 0.6 ohm coil will give you great midpoint between flavour and cloud production, erring on the side of flavour. The mod comes in a range of patterns and colours, allowing you to customise the device to your standards.Now this mod isn’t perfect, the air flow controls lack proper markings making it difficult to adjust the airflow precisely, this isn’t a huge problem as trial-and-error will get you the results you want, but it’s disappointing Joyetech weren’t a little more forward thinking in this regard. Like the ARC Mini it’s not recommended to use high VG oil with this mod. Lastly, the Ego AIO has no adjustable wattage function, so you’ll be slightly more limited there. To be honest though, at this price point there’s probably not a better starter e-cigarette on the market.

Chapter 6: FAQ

Here you will find the questions we most commonly answer in store and online. If you have a question that you don’t see answered here, please contact us directly using our contact page.

What are the best starter kits for vaping?



In this reviewer’s humble opinion; the four products listed above.

What is temperature control?


Temperature control uses a sensor to read the resistance of the coil as it heats up and changes that data is passed back to the control unit (a little microchip in the mod) which adjusts the wattage to keep the coil at an exact temperature. You can read our guide to vaping temperature control here.


What is the recommended temperature on a temperature controlled mod or vape?


Normally the temperature is set somewhere between 200’C – 250’C.

Why does my vapour taste burnt?

An easy mistake to make, you’ve probably just let your eliquid/ejuice run too low. It’s best to replace the coils now as the cotton may be burnt, but this isn’t always necessary depending on how long the coil was heating without e liquid.

To avoid this in the future, simply ensure that your eliquid doesn’t get lower than about ¼ of the tank. If in doubt, refill.

I got eliquid in my mouth, am I okay?

Unless it was close to a whole bottle you’ll be fine, and even if it was you’ll just feel sick from the overdose of nicotine. Ensure you wash out your mouth with water (don’t swallow it), even if it’s only to get rid of the taste. You may feel a little unwell for an hour or so dizziness, nausea, etc.

If symptoms persist visit the doctor.

What should I avoid?

Generally speaking e-cigarettes that are designed to look like cigarettes, also known as “cigalikes”, are best avoided – they’re often cheaply constructed and built to attract impulse buys. They often fail after a short time and tend to deliver either a decent nicotine hit or a decent cloud of vapour. Very unsatisfying.

Ensure that whatever you’re buying is well recommended around the internet, and you’ll be fine. There are some really wonderful pieces of tech in the vaping industry now.

How do I change the batteries on a vape mod?

For mechanical mods, simply unscrew either the head or base of the mod, slide the battery out and replace it with a fully charged one. See our range of batteries and chargers here.

How do you know when the coils in your vape mod need to be changed?

This is hard to give a definitive answer to as different users will vape at differents rates, using different ohms and ejuices. The best indicator will always be when the taste of your vapor begins to drop in quality, this means the coil is no longer fresh enough to properly vaporize the ejuice. As a general rule, you’ll want to change it at least once a month, with two weeks being more common. If you vape at sub-ohm and blow big clouds all day, you might need to change your coil as much as once a week.

Are vapes allowed on international flights?

No, vaporizing of any kind is illegal across the globe when on board aeroplanes. It’s also illegal in some public spaces and private spaces, depending on the laws of your country.

How do you wrap a vape mod in vinyl?

This is an easy and simple way to drastically alter the look of your mod and give it that personal touch if you’re so inclined. Simply clean your mod thoroughly with a wet rag and dry it with a lint-free towel. Remove a portion of the protective backing from the wrap and line it up on your mod. Then using the palm of your other hand, firmly press the wrap to the vape mod, and rotate the mod, keeping an even pressure on the wrap. Remove a little more of the backing and repeat the process until the mod is covered. Air bubbles may be carefully removed with the flat side of a credit card.

What tank should I get for my 80w vape mod?

Check out our tank page with an overview of each tank, including its pros and cons, and even a description of how they work.

What is a good looking vape mod?


If you want a Vape Mod that will draw the eye, look no further than the SMOK Alien 220w TC Starter Kit. For those with a slightly higher budget, the SMOK G-Priv 220W Kit has enough technology in it to be mistaken for a mobile phone. Both offer that sweet temperature control that ensures you’ll never have a dry hit again.


I recently bought a G-priv kit. What does TC and VW mode mean? What does Adjust-TCR and Initial OHM mean?


The G-priv deserves a guide on its own, for all its simplicity and clever UI design, the touchscreen and multiple options can be intimidating at first. Here’s what the options mean and do;


The Temperature Control icon allows you to activate the temperature control function and offers a myriad of settings with which to fine tune your vape – material, preheat, ADJ TCR, and Initial Ohms.

  • Material – Options and presets regarding the material choice of the coil – nickel, titanium and stainless steel.
  • Preheat – This lets you set the limit for coil wattage before the temperature control activates. Don’t set this too high.
  • ADJ TCR – Temperature Coefficient of Resistance or TRC for short is a number that relates to the changing resistance of a coil as it heats. This information can be used to fine tune your mod by giving the onboard computer the precise values of your coil, allowing it to maximise the coil’s performance. You will need to google your coil for the TCR number.
  • Initial Ohms – Use this to manually set the resistance of the coil.


The Variable Wattage icon takes you to the settings of Variable Wattage mode. Here you can activate the function and play with the effects panel to achieve your perfect hit. The panel will let you adjust the ramp-up curve of coil temperature and a sliding button to quickly decrease or increase the wattage.

What’s the difference between a Vape Mod and a Skyhigh vaporizer?

A vape mod is used for eliquid which often contains nicotine – it’s for those who would like to stop smoking cigarettes. A Skyhigh vaporizer is used for vaporizing cannabis oil and waxes.

Should I adjust my ohms to what it says on the coil or keep it at what it reads?

Only if the difference is greater than 0.5 ohms. The number on the coil is a median, manufacturing tolerances can be smaller or greater than this number. The type of mod, coil, and sensor usd can all affect the resistance of the coil by small amounts. If the difference is greater than 0.5 ohms, check your connections.

My vape mod battery doesn't last as long if I charge and vape simultaneously vs when I charge the battery and don't use it at all. Is this normal?

Yes, when you vape you’re draining the battery slightly, so over multiple uses this drain can increase the charging time by noticeable amounts.

Can I use my passthrough vape mod on a powerbank?

I probably wouldn’t recommend this – it will strain the batteries, represented by an increase in heat. Instead, buy a spare set of batteries for the mod so you can replace them when they’re drained. Take care of your batteries and you’ll save a ton of money over the long run.

What strength e-liquid is right for me?

This is a hard question to answer in a straightforward fashion – the amount of nicotine you’ll want will depend on several factors including how much you used to smoke, what brand, and your own personal preferences on mouth feel and throat hit.

For some people low powered devices with high nicotine (12-18mg/ml) content will be satisfying, for others, lower content nicotine (6mg/ml) on higher powered devices like mods and APV’s will be more satisfying.

Further, the amount you use will probably change over time, usually dropping as the addiction to nicotine is slowly tapered down. Ultimately it’s something you’ll have to experience for yourself, but the above guidelines will help if you’ve already chosen your vaping device. Remember that the higher the nicotine, the harsher the throat hit.

Can I save money by not smoking?

Certainly, for many this is a major benefit of vaping over smoking. Even those with the most severe nicotine addictions should be able to satisfy their cravings with ejuice which cost half the price of a pack and last twice as long.

Variables like how much you smoke and how much you spend on e-cigarettes, vaping devices etc. will determine the saving ultimately, but paying attention to this factor can help you make more financially smart decisions. Some people have over a dozen different vape mods, and that adds to the cost. On the other hand, investing in the hobby tends to mean sticking to it – it’s a balance you’ll have to find for yourself. If you are unsure, you can always call or email us here.

What are some good tobacco eliquids?

We have two that we recommend; Element’s 555 Tobacco Eliquid – a nutty tapestry of tobacco, and our Sweet Tobacco E-Liquid by Vampire Vape – a traditional tobacco flavour with a touch of something sweet.

In conclusion…

MTL and DTL, VW and TC, mAh and ohms. We hope that these terms no longer cause you to recoil in confused terror. This oft-maligned technology truly has the potential to save lives, but the fact that you’re reading this guide means the industry still has some way to go to making vaporizing accessible and user-friendly. Perhaps this guide has helped you to make a decision. If it has done the opposite, leaving you more befuddled than ever, do give us a call or email via our contact page — we’ll be happy to help unfuddle you and answer any of your questions.

To summarise the mods; rank beginners might go with the Aspire PockeX. it’s a great device with enough functions to keep a beginner happy. If you’re wanting to dive in a little closer to the deep end, then you can’t go wrong with the SMOK V8 Kit, which will let you do some cloud chasing and give you a bit more flavour. For the in between, the other two devices will fill that gap.

Thanks for reading,
vape on!