Is vaping better than smoking? As you may know, on top of our online store we run a vape shop in London and we’ve been asked this question hundreds of times. So we thought we would do something different and answer this question by asking 60+ experts for their opinion.



 “Jim is a website deginer and ex-smoker who gave up smoking and switched to vaping due to the negative impact it was having on his life “

Is vaping better than smoking

The simple and quick answer to this is a resounding YES!  But only if you are or were struggling with cigarette addiction.  It is very important for our youth to understand that neither smoking nor vaping is something to take up just because it seems hip or that blowing huge clouds and smoke rings are cool.  Vaping is without a doubt a less harmful method for nicotine delivery than cigarettes, but more long term studies still need to be conducted.  Regardless of whether the vape juice contains nicotine or not, our lungs are not designed to inhale huge vapor clouds every 30 seconds.  Is it safer than smoking?  Yes.  Is it still a lung irritate? Most likely.

But when it come to us former smokers, vaping has literally saved our lives.  I no longer have that dreaded morning cough.  I no longer suffer from upper respiratory infections which I seemed to get every six months.  After six years or vaping, I breath better and I feel better.  A secondary benefit is how vaping affects my wallet.  Smoking became a $200 a month habit before I switched to vaping in 2011.  At that time frame, it was a huge chunk of my disposable cash.  Smoking actually prevented me from enjoying the world around me because I was literally too broke to go anywhere.  When I switched to vaping, I went from a $200 a month habit to about $40.  This was a huge savings.

Sachin Gupta



Sachin Gupta is Physician at Kaiser Permanente”

Is vaping better than smoking

Most Electronic Nicotine Delivery systems contain nicotine. Nicotine is among the most addictive substances out there and is the same nicotine that is in traditional tobacco products. Vaping devices typically do not make clear how much nicotine is in their device.

In addition to nicotine, these Vaping devices contain tobacco which we know is a carcinogen. The toxins and carcinogens have been found in the vapor of vaping devices; even though it is not burned like traditional devices, the heating of tobacco still creates toxins and carcinogens. While we do not know precisely yet the long term safety of vaping, we do know the same types of toxins and carcinogens are released.

There is conflicting research about whether vaping is truly efficacious in getting people off of cigarette smoking. In my practice, I’ve seen some successes but mostly lack of success and situations where patients end up being on both cigarettes and e-cigs/vaping devices.

As the literature is suggesting to me that vaping is likely equally bad as cigarettes, and also smoking a ½ pack per day is as bad as a full pack of cigarettes, I do not promote vaping over cigs. Both should be avoided. I do not encourage using vaping as a cigarette smoking cessation tool; rather all the other available tools to help people quit smoking.

Ms. Trayce Zimmermann



 “Trayce Zimmermann is a publicist whose previously represented KURE Corp. vaping franchises and on-line retail”


Is vaping better than smoking

Vaping: I’m not a vaper or a smoker, but I’m very knowledgeable about vaping and the battle the industry faces. As usual in the US, big pharma and tobacco keep spreading lies about the safety of vaping to protect their bottom line. Yet, they’re the biggest brand investors.

I’m hopeful that Scott Gottlieb is the man to make the health of Americans the priority instead of the lobbyists.Studies in the UK and Europe show that vaping is 95% safer than smoking tobacco. Once again, the US won’t recognize them.

It’s the carcinogens from burning tobacco and sucking it into your lungs that kills people. Not nicotine. I’d compare nicotine to caffeine. Is it
healthy as water? No. But it’s probably not as bad for your health as eating McDonald’s every day.

Do I think kids should vape? No. But I’d rather they do their usual, stupid teenage experimentation with vaping than with tobacco.

Bottom line… if many of the people who are going to die from smoking switched to vaping, health care costs would plummet and big tobacco and
pharma would lose tons of money.

It’s about money.

I’ve read tons of articles about this…Rolling Stone (12/15), Times of London and (usually) the NY Times. I also try to keep up with Mike Siegel and Brad Fikes (SUTrib).

Dr. Janelle Louis ND


“Dr. Louis is a licensed naturopathic doctor and functional medicine practitioner who specializes in treating mental health conditions and chronic disease. More at if needed”.

Is vaping better than smoking

I believe that vaping may be more harmful than cigarette smoking because of the general lack of education surrounding vaping. The prevalent belief seems to be that there are no long-term negative health outcomes associated with vaping, but this view isn’t supported by research. The research actually suggests that vaping, like smoking tobacco, may change
your DNA and increase your risk for cancer. Unfortunately, not many people know this and many who would not have tried smoking tobacco are trying e-cigarettes because they are completely unaware of the negative health outcomes.

Addam Corre


Addam corre is Managing Editor and Writer at CBD Testers

Is vaping better than smoking

..And for that matter, what’s the difference between the two?

 Smoking has been the traditional way in which people have taken cannabis for thousands of years – Whether in a pipe, a joint, or a bong, smoking weed is simple, as all you really need is some fire and a little imagination.

Vaping is new, just around a decade old, and is a totally new and more healthy way of taking cannabis. Basically your herb is packed into an oven inside a contraption with an airway and the option for temperature control. With this feature, you can dose according to your preferences. Low temps for morning time, high temps for a hard-hitting nightime “lay me down.”

But the question still remains – Is vaping better than smoking? And of course there is no clear answer to that as it is a case of personal preference….

When you burn (combust) anything, including cannabis into your lungs, there will be some nasties in the mix. Above 396F and you are looking at some carcinogens entering the lungs and therefore the system. However, with vaping, there is no combustion, as the plant matter is simply heated to a preset temperature, extracting the full range of cannabinioids and terpenes from your material, but without the dangerous smoke or other associated chemicals released above that temperature.

Die hard smokers claim that smoking cannabis is stronger and longer lasting than vaping it, although that is not clear. When you smoke you lose at least 15% of your materiel just behind the burning red cherry. With vaping, nothing is wasted or burned, and what’s left int he over can even be recycled and ingested for maximum extraction and effect.

Caleb Backe


Caleb Backe is  a Health and Wellness Expert for Maple Holistics.

Is vaping better than smoking

Vaping is simply a healthier and safer alternative to the traditional cigarette. By utilizing a battery and a heating element, e-cigarettes or vapes vaporize a nicotine liquid that is inhaled in the same way that the tobacco in a cigarette is inhaled. Thanks to the absence of tobacco, tar,carbon monoxide and smoke, vaping does significantly less damage to the lungs and body than a cigarette does.

This mitigates the risk of various cancers and diseases, while also making for what some consider to be a smoother, more palatable smoking experience.
Additionally, vaping is better for your gums and teeth, with most folks who switch to vaping reporting similar positive oral results to individuals who quit smoking altogether.

Yes with optimized technologies, flavors and vaping methods being developed constantly, it just gets better and better. In truth, vaping is an objectively superior experience to cigarette smoking, and the world is taking notice. The popularity of vaping is on the rise and it doesn’t look primed to slow any time soon.

Alexander Winston


Alexander Winston is a managing director of PPC Protect

Is vaping better than smoking

As the managing director of PPC Protect, we have a strong stance on no smoking or vaping within the office. Every company stops employees from smoking indoors as its required by law in the UK, but there is a fine line between vaping and smoking. Depending on the substance smoked it is possible to have no tobacco liquids and vaping doesn’t produce any smoke (hence the name). However, most businesses will ban both indoors as its distracting and unhealthy for other employees. Smokers can still smoke and vape outside, but it’s strictly banned inside our offices as well as many others.

Originally, vaping was marketed with the ability to use it indoors, but not anymore. With the popularity of vaping increasing rapidly, many businesses are making sure employees understand vaping is no exception.

Dr. Jeffrey L. Reynolds


Dr. Jeffrey L. Reynolds, Ph.D, CEAP, SAP is  President & Chief Executive Officer at Family and Children’s Association

Is vaping better than smoking

While vaping is often touted as being safer than smoking tobacco, we know little about long term health risks associated with vaping as it relates to the mouth, throat and lungs. The marketing strategies used by manufacturers – bubblegum flavoring and neon packaging aimed at teens and false claims about health benefits – are reminiscent of tobacco ads in the 1950’s and that’s part of the reason we’ve seen an explosion in vaping among youth. It’s easy to wonder if we aren’t losing all the gains we’ve made over the last 20 years in reducing smoking and preventing tobacco related illnesses.

Greg Bentley


Greg Bentley is a trial attorney specializing in the representation of consumers on a wide variety of cases, including catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, product liability and insurance bad faith matters.

Is vaping better than smoking

Although vaping is considered safer than smoking cigarettes, the physical vape pen is the real issue. I’m hearing stories all across the country of people’s pens exploding in their purses, their pockets, while they’re smoking them, while they are charging, etc. The number of vape pen explosions keeps increasing – we are hearing from victims almost every day about burns they’ve sustained to their face, all over their legs, and hands. Most of the defective batteries or pens are produced overseas, so it’s almost impossible to get jurisdiction to hold these manufacturers liable. I think consumers, as well as retailers and wholesalers, need to be aware of the products they are either purchasing or selling. The biggest issue with the vape pen and e-cigarette market is that it’s unregulated and there’s no standard for testing the batteries or other components for safety before putting them on the market. Consumers need to really do their homework when purchasing vape pens and e-cigarettes and know the risks before making a purchase – or don’t purchase at all.

VJ Sleight, MA


VJ Sleight, MA, Health Educator and Trainer Specializing in the Prevention and Treatment of Tobacco Dependence

Is vaping better than smoking

The commonality between smoking and vaping is that both are ways to use nicotine.

One side says that vaping is a safer method to use nicotine than smoking.The other side says that nicotine is harmful and all forms of delivery
should be stopped, except for approved FDA cessation medications.

I believe that we should be having a public health discussion about the right of adults to use nicotine. The problem then comes down to is how can an adult use nicotine in the least harmful way. Smoking is not harmless but neither is vaping, it becomes a matter of whether how less harmful vaping is compared to smoking. The figure of 95% less harmful has been used but I believe it may be higher. See my article on this:

One of the problems with assessing the harm from electronic cigarettes is that there is a wide variety of devices and well as a diversity of liquids
and flavorings. Any research on one device and e-liquid can NOT be generalized to ALL devices and e-liquids.

If vaping is truly a short term method to stop smoking, like FDA cessation medications, then yes vaping is a much better alternative to long term
smoking. But it appears that vaping is not a short term use but just a substitution and long termaffect of vaping are not known.

Electronic cigarettes have not been around long enough to assess long-term harm. Eventually a disease profile will emerge and most likely it will be very different than the disease profile associated with smoking.

It’s not the nicotine that I am concerned about but the flavorings: see my article regarding flavorings:

I believe that someday electronic cigarettes will have a place in smoking cessation but until the industry has some regulations in place to protect
the public, but for now it is buyer beware.

*Have a joy filled day!*


Dr. Jordan Tishler


Dr. Jordan Tishler, an expert in the field of Medical Cannabis Therapeutics. Both a Harvard College and Harvard Medical graduate, Dr. Tishler runs Inhale MD Health and Wellness, and has patients readily available to speak about their treatments.

Is vaping better than smoking

The perceived value of vaporizing nicotine is comparing it against smoking combustible cigarettes. In this context it appears likely, though entirely unproven, that vaporizing is safer. After all, there’s no smoke involved and we know that smoke contains many harmful substances. However, the history of reasonable arguments in science is littered with failures.

The chemicals used in vaporizer fluid are typically diacetyl, polyethylene glycol (PEG) or propylene glycol (PG). All of these are known to be harmful when heated and inhaled.

Nicotine, in the absence of smoke, is still known to be harmful. It can increase blood pressure, causes oxidative stress on cells, and increases risk for heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure. Hence, even if vaping were safer than smoking and the harmful chemicals above removed, the nicotine alone is dangerous.

The flaw in the argument for vaporizing is the assumption that vaping is the only alternative to smoking. However, clearly not doing anything of the sort is the best option. Vaporizing may well be a step backward from a public health perspective in that many may choose not to quit altogether, and in factmany appear to be taking up vaping even if they would not consider smoking.

Daniel Pryor



Daniel Pryor is Head of Programmes at the Adam Smith Institute, one of the world’s leading think tanks. The Institute works to promote neoliberal and free market ideas through research, publishing, media commentary, and educational programmes. Daniel’s research focuses on immigration, drug law reform, sex policy, and lifestyle freedom.

Is vaping better than smoking

As my office’s resident vaper, I evidently prefer vaping to smoking. You can’t upload your organization’s logo to a cigarette, nor can you chase clouds with one. But it’s important that we don’t make a blanket judgement—some adults prefer the sensation, taste, and smell of a cigarette even when presented with alternatives. And with innovative new heat-not-burn products continuously entering the market, the lines between vaping and smoking are blurring.

However, in terms of your health, vaping is indisputably better than smoking. It’s at least 95% safer according to Public Health England, and current evidence suggests that it doesn’t act as a gateway to smoking. But vaping could be even better. Whatever your view of Brexit, it presents us with an opportunity to become a world-leader in liberalizing e-cigarette regulation. Right now, the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive limits choice, drives up costs, and severely restricts the ability of vaping companies to advertise their products. Current advertising restrictions are especially harmful: many smokers simply haven’t been exposed to what vaping actually is, or readily accept the myths that surround it.

Sensible approaches to vaping regulation translate into more people living longer, healthier lives while still getting their nicotine buzz, delicious flavours, and other pleasures from vaping. I think that vaping is already better than smoking, but it could be better still.

Bradley Wilkerson



Bradley Wilkerson has been a programmer at Smoke Cartel for 8 months now. He was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia and is a man of many talents. He’s been programming for years, but he’s been vaping and smoking even longer. He also plays 4 instruments and was the district spelling bee champion in middle school..

Is vaping better than smoking

Vaping and smoking both have their pros and cons. Vaping is a lot less harsh on your lungs, so if you have asthma or anything that impacts your ability to breathe, vaping may be the way to go for you. Additionally, if smell is something you’re concerned about, vaping will have a much more subtle smell than smoking will. Vaping is also a very travel-friendly option. Once your device is loaded up, you’re ready to go. No need to worry about grinding herb, packing a bowl, and igniting it. Smoking, on the other hand, is a tried and true method. Humans have been smoking for centuries, and that probably won’t stop anytime soon. Additionally, there’s no need to worry about charging or assembly. As long as you’ve got a flame, you’re good. In addition, there’s a whole community of artisan glassblowers creating incredible functional pieces of glass to smoke from. If you’re into unique, intricate pieces of glass art and collecting, smoking is a great and functional way to start a collection. At the end of the day, how you choose to inhale is up to you. If you like smoking for the sense of community it brings, smoke. If you like vaping because it’s easier on the lungs, vape. The choice is yours.

John Manzione

John is Publisher at Spinfuel VAPE

Is vaping better than smoking

There is still a debate in dwindling circles concerning the undeniable science that tells us in study after study that “vaping” is vastly better than smoking tobacco products. How anyone who has looked into the facts about vaping and smoking can still be undecided about whether which is worse, smoking or vaping, is something I’ll never understand.

It has been established for decades that burning and inhaling tobacco smoke causes a myriad of diseases and results in the death of the smoker more times than not. Processed tobacco, i.e., cigarettes, is both deadly, and hideous. This is no longer an opinion, it is science fact.

However, heating vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, a bit of flavoring, and very small amounts of nicotine has never led to a single disease or death. In fact, studies show that ‘vaping’ does not even raise blood pressure, or increase pulse rates. Vaping has not caused any illness whatsoever (unless the user is allergic to the ingredients of course).

But, forget science for a minute. If you are a non-smoker than you already know how badly someone smells after they have smoked a cigarette. You might have come face to face to “tobacco breath”, or worse. Not so with those that vape.

Look, there are so many advantages to vaping over smoking it would take volumes of books to cover them all. So, to make this as simple as I can; tobacco is addictive, causes disease, premature death. Vaping on the other hand, has helped millions of people kick the addiction of tobacco and smoking. That alone shows that vaping is better than smoking, does it not?

Kevin Crowley


Kevin  is Editor, National Council, Member, Board of Directors at THR4Life

Is vaping better than smoking

while the contrived “debate” roars, a recent report states vaping is in the same category of “less harm” as patches, gums, and oral products. Despite experts claiming otherwise, ongoing research and science exist. Is vaping better than smoking? Common sense answer, yes. With no combustible tobacco, there’s no question vaping is safer than smoking. The word better is an individual preference.

I am for personal choice and educated decisions. Vaping is different from smoking while giving you all the aspects of smoking (hand to mouth), “throat hit” and more. If a smoker chooses to switch, essentials to understand are taste (flavors), the strength of nicotine (throat hit) and backups. Choosing the right nicotine strength is critical.

While some find they switch immediately, for those who can’t and still want to, I encourage dual use in the process. Sometimes equipment and nicotine strength create frustration among new users of e-cigarettes so I highly recommend asking questions in forums, Facebook groups, or to consumer organizations. Every journey is different, so each smoker may find their own path towards reducing or eliminating tobacco from their daily life.

Billie Jean Bateson

I am a fashionista and love fashion marketing. My career started in 2011 as an online marketing analyst, blogger & fashion expert @Amazing Wristbands. In the mean time, I also love writing articles in various inspiring categories for popular websites, forums, and e-magazines. 

Is vaping better than smoking

*Smoking vs vaping:*

Over years, smoking has caused many incredible health and safety concerns around the world. When compared to smoking, the health and safety risks from vaping is lower. But, the major problem with E-cigarettes is that their batteries may explode. Over-charging the device and sub-par batteries are the main cause for such explosions. Also, e-cigs/vaping uses less tobacco than the usual cigarettes, the chances to quit smoking are high.

*Cost Suggestions:*

Since vaping requires an initial cost to buy the hardware, it is considered the expensive option when compared with smoking.

Even though smoking is bad for health, as a better option people can
choose vaping instead of smoking.

Alex Sheehan


Alex Sheehan is copywriter & content strategist

Is vaping better than smoking

There are a lot of ways vaping is a more attractive option than smoking.For one, the health risks associated with smoking and vaping are different. Tons of studies have concluded that smoking is detrimental to your health.
Vaping, on the other hand, is less conclusive. A couple of studies have found that vaping has less of an impact on heart and blood pressure, and vaping also leads to less inhalation of nitric oxide.

If you’re thinking about vaping vs. smoking in terms of lifestyle, vaping is more widely accepted in public places, and it also emits less of a
smell. Vaping is also less expensive than smoking, so that is better on the budget.


Jan Verleur


Jan Verleur, CEO, and Co-Founder, of V2, Jan Verleur majored in marketing at Penn State University.

Is vaping better than smoking

There are many benefits to vaping instead of traditional cigarettes. Vaping is better for your wallet. They are portable and simple to use. There is a wide range of options and capabilities when it comes to electronic nicotine delivery systems. Vapes are more cost effective than cigarettes- they’re reusable and can be customized to meet your individual needs. Conventional smoking does not offer the ways to create a custom experience like you can with vapes and e-cigs, not to mention the smoke inhalation (with combustible products like cigarettes and cigars) as scientifically proven, is detrimental to your overall physical well-being. There have been new reports that have proven that vaping has more benefits for your overall health. The usage of the vaporizers and e- cigarettedon’t suffocate smoker’s lungs but lets them breathe and expand, being more gentle thanks to its vapors, making it “healthier” for them to vape.

Andrew Selepak


Andrew Selepak is a professor in the department of telecommunication at the University of Florida, and Director of the graduate program in social media.

Is vaping better than smoking

The argument about vaping versus smoking comes down to one simple fact: tobacco is the only product legally sold in the United States where if used correctly, and for its intended purpose, is harmful to our health. We cannot say this about any other product legally sold in the United States. And while the research doesn’t yet exist to show the possible dangers of vaping, this simple fact alone makes vaping a better alternative to smoking. Vaping can still be addictive when nicotine is added to the juices used for vaping, and inhaling anything other than air is unnatural, and possibly unhealthy, but until we know more about vaping, it has to be considered a safer alternative. However, that so many tobacco companies have entered the vaping market, and as Big Tobacco has a history of business and marketing practices to get people addicted to a harmful product, anyone who vapes should be very cautious about using it or starting it.

Danica Lacson

I am Danica Lacson of Hawaii Family Dental (, the largest dental practice in Hawaii and recognized as Best Dentist by Honolulu Magazine for four consecutive years.

Is vaping better than smoking

Vaping may be better than smoking in some areas, but not on dental health. E-cigarettes use e-liquid that is usually made of nicotine, bringing it into contact with the mouth. Because of this, blood flow can diminish and restrict the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the mouth tissues which can accelerate gum disease, tooth decay, dry mouth, bad breath, and other oral-related problems.

Also, it should be noted that e-cigarettes have not been comprehensively studied that their potential health risks remain relatively unknown.

Shanel A. Lindsay


Shanel Lindsay is the Founder and President of Ardent, a Boston-based biotech and medical cannabis device company that produces the NOVA(tm), a laboratory-grade precision decarboxylator for medical cannabis patients. Shanel is an attorney and patient advocate, as well as a newly-appointed member of the MA Cannabis Advisory Board, a founding member and Co-Chair of the Northeast Cannabis Coalition, and a Board Member of the Massachusetts Patients Advocacy Alliance.

Is vaping better than smoking

My preference is smoking or infusing cannabis, but vaping is also effective. If a cannabis patient has a respiratory issue, even vaping can be too irritating. Vaping can involve either the flower or vape oil cartridges, and though vaping doesn’t involve combustion and is generally considered cleaner than smoking, there is concern about many of the additives contained in some vape cartridges. Vaping does require an initial investment in either a flower vaporizer or a pen and cartridge.

Tony Mandarano


Tony Mandarano, the Founder and CEO of ZampleBox, the world’s first and largest vaping membership
club. Vapers can get a curated monthly delivery of the most popular vape  juices at wholesale prices – of up to 67% off retail.

Is vaping better than smoking

Vaping is absolutely less harmful than smoking tobacco. This has been evidenced by many credible scientific studies such as the one performed by the Royal College of Physicians in the UK and published (as well as endorsed) by the UK government via Public Health England.
Claims to the contrary should be heavily scrutinized and financial trails investigated. You have to ask yourself, who stands to lose by vaping
replacing tobacco and resulting in healthier citizens, no tobacco consumption and no sin tax revenue: pharma, tobacco, and government. So, of
course, there exists an incentive to spread disinformation and deny millions of people access to a life saving alternative, it would be naive
to think otherwise.

Caitlin Gare


Caitlin Gare’s first love is writing, but her second is vaping! A self-proclaimed vape connoisseur, she has expansive knowledge on all things vape, which she continues to develop at Esmoker Canada in Toronto, Ontario as one of their most respected Vaper Geeks! She continues to share her vaping knowledge in the hopes that it will benefit others who want to quit smoking and start vaping! Caitlin currently studies Social
Psychology at the University of Toronto.

Is vaping better than smoking

With the new craze of vaping taking over, many smokers have made the switch to the healthier alternative, but health is not the only reason they’re inclined to make the shift.

There is a plethora of reasons where vaping trumps smoking. One of the most important is the cost. The average pack-a- day smoker spends roughly $3,500 a year on cigarettes, which adds up to almost $20,000 in 5 years! That means you could buy a car in 5 years, if you decide to put
down the butt! Not to mention you can drive to a mountain in your new car,and go hiking,thanks to your newfound health benefits of switching to vaping. You will lower your chance of various cancers, lung disease, as well as major issues with your heart and blood vessels, and you’ll be able to walk up the stairs without being out of breath!

If these gargantuan reasons are not enough to convince you, then consider the impacts on the environment that smoking causes. Cigarettes butts are the number one littered item in the US annually, with 4.5 TRILLION cigarettes being littered a year that end up in a landfill. Not to mention the amount of waste being produced from cigarette butts, packs and all the lighters used. Surprisingly, cigarette butts take 15-20 years to break down, and the plastic from the lighters and packaging takes 450 years. Also don’t forget, if you’re a big fan of breathing clean air, we can’t leave the trees out of this matter. Roughly 1.5 million trees are cut down each DAY for the production of cigarettes, the same trees that produce the clean
oxygen we need to breathe.

So whether your wallet, your health or the environment is your motivation,vaping has been proven to be 95% healthier, substantially better for the environment, and not to mention a fraction of the cost of smoking cigarettes. Make the choice today, and make the right choice! If you want to learn more check out this information chart detailing facts and stats vaping-the- true-cost.htm



Cloudstix Supplies E Liquid, E Juice & Electronic cigarettes .

Is vaping better than smoking

Vaping is no longer a grey area and the greatest shame is the public do not yet 100% know this. Mainstream social media is still plagued with comments such as “they don’t know what’s in the Liquid” or “Vaping gives you popcorn lung.” Yet the studies and papers published over the last few years, in particular the RCP study states that vaping is at least 96% the healthier option than lighting up a traditional tobacco cigarette. Since the TPD & the UK’s own version the TRPR have been introduced then manufacturers, vendors and the MHRA have access to the test data of thousands of e-liquid on the market.  Therefore they know exactly what is in the e-liquid sold in most stores and online throughout the UK.

Yes there is a problem with 0mg / shortfills not currently requiring any test data, however I am certain this will not be the case for too long. Without closing this loop hole the MHRA are leaving open a potentially dangerous situation where anybody can legal sell a 100ml bottle or more of e liquid without any test requirements on the ingredients. This makes a mockery of what the TPD was implemented for in the first place.

The UK market has huge demand for shortfill style products, the market trends have shown us all this.  But it is urgently required that we make sure these products have to adhere to the same test requirements as the 10ml 18mg units before somebody buys something from a backstreet dealer and puts the whole industry at risk because of the side effects.

With PHE now actively promoting vaping the grey area has long gone and we can say loud and proud……. Vaping is better for you than Smoking. Let us only prey the 12 million smokers in the UK listen to the message!


Andy Sowards



#Geek. Founder of @infiniGEEK & @gameTomatoes. Blogger, Web Designer, #Dev, Programmer, #Gamer. I #reviewcool #tech & play #games.

Is vaping better than smoking

Of course it is! Not only is it healthier than Smoking but it is more socially acceptable – where I live smoking was outlawed in public places many many years ago, when I was a kid – I saw just the other day some people smoking their vapes in a public restaurant and no one seemed to care. The popularity of vaping will only increase it’s safety in the future so i’m looking forward to seeing where this is headed. If you are still smoking old school you definitely need to move over to this new trend.

Armaan Gupta 


From a Family of engineers, Completed my MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management studies, Mumbai!Successfully running 2 businesses at the moment along with our core family business that is construction. Love to be a part of new emerging industries and get down to work.

Is vaping better than smoking 

Smoking has become an integral part of lives of millions of people on this planet and so have the diseases/ medical conditions associated with it.

A person who has been conditioned over the years to smoke cigarettes knows how tough it it to quit and move on in life, Vaping is like a ray of sunshine in the life of a smoker which helps him quit and it devoid of any of the carcinogenic Chemicals associated with cigarettes or any other Form of tobacco. Since no combustion takes place in vaping and it’s solely the vapours that the person is inhaling it is a much safer and better alternative than cigarettes.

We look towards a future where the people get conscious of their health and switch over to safer alternatives like vaping.



Divij ghorpade


Is vaping better than smoking

We all have friends who smoke cigarettes. Some of us reading this may be smokers too. But did you know, most adults first started smoking when they were teenagers? Over the years, continuous intake of smoke has permanently damaged their lungs, burnt a hole in their pockets and in some cases, set fire to relationships. Lucky for us, an alternative to smoking exists. Although it’s been around since the 1960s, it’s now, that we can fully take advantage of this invention. Of course I’m talking about electronic vaporiser! Turns out that these electronic ‘vapes’ are actually 95% less harmful than your conventional cigarettes! Moreover, the user doesn’t stink of smoke after vaping!

We all agree, anything other than oxygen is harmful for our lungs. More than 4000 chemicals are added in smoking tobacco merely to make the experience of smoking a cigarette addictive. 50 of which are carcinogenic. Vapes work on a different principle altogether. There is no burning, only heating. The question now arises, is vaping better than smoking?

Let’s look at the top 3 Pros of Vaping:

  1. Not feeling breathless despite using the stairs – smokers usually need a minute to catch their breath after the slightest of activity. Vape users aren’t slaves to this problem since their lungs are much more efficient.
  1. You are always loaded with cash – vaping for a year costs much less than a year’s supply of cigarettes. Smokers who smoke 20 a day end up paying 4 times more than vape users.

(Cigarette expenditure per year = $4500-5500. Vape expenditure per year = $1000-1500)

  1. Unlimited flavour options – gummi bear, vanilla custard, banana split, kiwi-apple-strawberry, frozen lime…. I can keep going. There’s something for everyone. From cocktails to milkshakes, eliquids (vape liquids) come in a wide variety of flavours and it may be impossible to taste them all. This is something that’s never going to be possible smoking stinky cigarettes.

Well, all I can do is lay down the facts. It’s for you to determine which one is better for you. I didn’t state the obvious: – Smoking causes cancer. Vaping does not. Vapor produced from electronic vaporisers comprises of fewer chemicals. Some of the components of vapour are vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and nicotine (optional component). Other chemicals found in vapor are mostly related to the process of flavouring.

Although studies done on vaping are limited, this alternative to smoking is very promising. The younger generation can be saved from cigarettes if we make vaping mainstream.

So is vaping better than smoking? You tell me!

Kurt Sonderegger


“Kurt Sonderegger is Founder of  Cafe Racer Vape Co.

Is vaping better than smoking

Is Vaping Better Than  Smoking:   This is a pretty open question since “better” is pretty looesly defined.  As a 25 year + smoker who has not smoked in 7 years, I can report the following

for me personally.  Initially I was a dual user from 2008 – 2011. Smoking sometimes and vaping others.  Once I got my first ego style device I never smoked again. After about 1 month I notice my taste buds were much more receptive, my skin cleared up and eventually my smokers cough went away.    I was always active as a smoker- mostly surfing.  My surfing and other sport activities started really benefitting from my lungs clearing up after about 2 months of being smoke free.   I also realized how horrible the smell of stale smoke is and was horrified to think of how  many potential dates I met were probably turned off by the horrible smell of smoke.   Now I could not imagine dating a smoker as the smell would be a non-starter.

I’m more active than ever now.   I cycle approx 150 – 200 Kilometers a week, surf almost everyday and feel like the monkey on my back that quietly haunted me due to my understanding of how bad cigarette smoking is, is gone.    I still vape daily and don’t feel any ill effects.  I love the ritual of smoking and don’t think I would have been able to kick it, especially when enjoying a nice craft beer as I do most evenings, without vaping. Enjoying a tobacco flavor with craft beer is one of my greatest pleasures.  That’s actually why we created our best selling and award-winning flavor Lucky 13 – a modern version of RY4 featuring creamy vanilla, toasted almond, caramel and a smooth tobacco finish.

So the short answer to your question is – Yes, I do think that vaping is a lot better than smoking.   In a a nutshell, vaping is a way to preserve the ritual and eliminate, or at least minimize, the harm.

Al Santos


Al Santos, founder of VitaStik Worldwide. World famous in over 55 counties since 2014 when he launched the worlds first vitamin vape product. Since then he has launched several other companies in this space, including the first essential oil vape in 2014.  Since then, his brands have touched millions of people across the globe.  Santos is a health guru, featured on the cover of American Fitness several year ago.  He took his studies of science, and health, and combined those with the hottest online markets, “vapes, essential oils, and vitamins.”  VitaStik is his premier product line, 100% Organic, made with 100% Edible Ingredients. Kosher, Vegan, Non-GMO, Halal Certified, and made in cGMP FDA compliant labs in the USA. Find out more at

Is vaping better than smoking

Short answer, the FDA now finally agrees on this matter.

The question, how much better?

And that answer lies in the two simple points :

1: What sort of device / vape are you using.  Low power, low heat system seem to be safest when all things are even.

2: What exactly is in your e-juice ? And this is the real 64 million question.

Let’s pretend we all use the same device.

Then the only difference will be our juices right ?

Well there any hundreds of thousands of juice suppliers, and nicotine suppliers.

However most are relatively new, and small businesses.

They are using unknown ingredients, things a normal person would never eat or ingest.

So inhaling those compounds can only be 100’s times worse if mixed with other compounds, heated to over 500 degrees, and then inhaled into your soft lung tissue. Chemists would have a hard a time figuring out exactly what was in those clouds, and what those clouds would do to your lungs.

This is where the question lies …how much safer ?

At VitaStik we start with 100% EDIBLE, USDA Certified Organic Ingredients, all of which are designed to be ingested.

Our motto, if you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t inhale it”.

Over 60% Distilled H20 Organic Waters from crushed Fruits, Flowers, Herbs.

Made from Steam, and delivered in a steam, Food Grade.

We feel this is the safest approach.

Staring with ingredients health people are ingesting everyday already.

Ingredients people want to be ingesting everyday.

Then work into a low heat device.

If vaping is safer, then VitaStik is the safest.

Vape Responsibly 🙂

Ben Bryant


Ben Bryant has appeared in prime time TV shows and commercials, acted on Broadway, sung at The Met, produced over 1,000 TV commercials and dozens of industrial films, worked as First Assistant Director on features, produced and directed over fifty TV shows. Now he shoots, directs and edits all sorts of video productions. He recently completed a three volume memoir comprising Three Stages (1935-’72), Circumstances Beyond My Control (1972-’90) and Waiting for Elizabeth (1990-2014).

Is vaping better than smoking

While I was never a heavy smoker, I did smoke for 25 or 30 years. About 5 years ago I switched to vaping. Here’s an anecdote that shows why I know that vaping is better for one’s health.

At the time I switched I was 77 or 78 and rode my bicycle daily to my midtown Manhattan office, approximately a 6 mile round trip. One of the routes – through Riverside Park – I sometimes took on the way home ended with 2 steep hills. Before I went to vapes I had a very hard time getting up those hills. A month or 6 weeks after the switch, taking that route, I noticed that I zipped right up both hills. So it’s clear that, at least in terms of the lungs and circulation, vaping is way easier on the body.

Johnny Lung


I am a licensed Registered Respiratory Therapist in the Memphis, TN area, so this query is right up my alley. I blog at Respiratory Therapy Zone, a community for helping respiratory therapy students pass the licensure board exam.


Is vaping better than smoking

The short answer to your questions is yes, vaping is safer than smoking. But is vaping safe? That’s the real question.

We’re all aware of the negative side effects of smoking cigarettes. Smoke contains partially burnt particles that create tar in your lungs which can cause cancer. Also, smoke can blacken teeth and destroy your taste buds.

That’s why millions of people have started vaping to remove some of these side effects.Vaping essentially allows you to get the same cigarette high without the smoke.

So in theory, that means vaping is the safer choice of the two. But studies have shown that e-cigarettes use a liquid substance which contains chemicals that are also associated with negative health effects, such as respiratory infections, eye irritation, and even irreversible lung damage.

Is this safer than inhaling smoke? Sure, but definitely not something you want to put into your body after all. Just because something isn’t ‘as bad’ as something else, doesn’t necessarily make it safe.

Dr. Sal Raichbach PsyD



Sal has over 25 years of experience as an actively licensed psychologist in Florida, New Jersey, Nevada and New York. His long-standing experience in the mental health treatment industry offers some unique insight for your piece. The Ambrosia name also comes with credibility with five Joint Commission accredited addiction treatment facilities across the country.

Is vaping better than smoking

The medical community’s views of vaping are less clear than smoking cigarettes. With a quick glance, it is easy to think that vaping is less harmful than smoking because the user is not breathing in tobacco smoke full of toxins and carcinogens – all of which are known to cause harm.

The problem with vaping is: No one is exactly sure what they are vaping. Many varieties of the products have never undergone any testing to identify the ingredients or the long-term impact of inhaling these ingredients. Others have been tested to show carcinogens and toxic chemicals from the vaping liquid and toxic chemicals from the vaping device itself.

With further research and transparency, it could turn out that vaping is a much better option than smoking, but that information does not exist yet. Until it does, vaping is a calculated risk based on a hope that the act of vaping is not any worse than the act of smoking tobacco.

Thomas M. Cirignano




Is vaping better than smoking

I believe vaping extended my life span. It certainly has improved the quality of my daily life with much less coughing and no more stinky car or closet.
I smoked constantly from the age of 10 until I was finally able to quit at age 60, five years ago. I had made serious attempts to quit at least 100 times but just could not do it. The use of patches and pill also failed time after time. The only way the patch worked to curb my smoking was if I stuck it right over my mouth! ;>)
Even my 23and me genetic profile showed that I am genetically prone to nicotine addiction. During my working years I always had a smoke dangling from my lips while working on cars at my auto repair shop in South Boston. And even smoked while pumping gasoline at the pumps!
The big mistake smokers make while trying to quit is ordering vape fluid that is too low in nicotine. Thus they still crave a real smoke. I started vaping at the highest nicotine level available at the time 24 MG of Nic. Now I’m down to twelve MG and successfully quit cigs for 5 years!

Rocky Rosen


My name is Rocky Rosen. I am known as The Cigarette Whisperer. Recently featured on TV’s The Doctors.

Is vaping better than smoking

vaping is safer than smoking is an interesting one. Whereas smoking tobacco directly tobacco breaks when ignited releases over 4,000 compounds. Vaping much less. But vapers are still inhaling nicotine (an insecticide).

Now that we have about ten years of experience of vaping what is being discovered is the high incidence of a condition called popcorn lung.
Popcorn lung prevents oxygen from getting into the blood stream.

So asking if vaping is safer than smoking is like asking is eating candy safer than eating pure sugar for a diabetic.

To see short testimonials from physician and clients please click the YouTube link below.

Jeremy Bischoff



My name is Jeremy, but many know me by my rap name Recklous. I am a huge vape advocate and plan on helping the cause in the future when I can solidify my rap career. I work hard on being great and part of that is my love for vaping. It also helps me with my rap career where stamina is a huge part of what I do everyday. I love to keep my brain sharp, work hard,and party harder. I live drug free and thats been hard to say for all of my high school years. I live in california and love my music and the experience of making it more than anything. I am very passionate about everything I do and I support any causes that are just, from the start. This world needs a brighter day and I hope to be that light in this darker world.

Is vaping better than smoking

This question comes up a lot for me being an avid vaper, and I always try to educate from personal experience because of the negative stigma vaping seems to have. I smoked ciggarettes from age 14 all the way to age 18 and I’ve never felt healthier from quitting and switching to vaping. The biggest reward I’ve accounted for is actually being able to breathe at night. Smoking ciggarettes was starting to give me bad asthma in my lungs especially at nighttime during my sleep. I’d wake up wheezing and having coughing fits and while vaping I haven’t have a case since. Another key point is my lung stamina. I have significantly better lungs. I used to walk up a small flight of stairs and feel completely dizzy or suffer from dizzy spells just by getting up to fast. I had only been smoking cigarettes for about 4 years when this started. Now I haven’t had a dizzy spell since.
Cigarettes also used to make me feel tired during the day and vaping ofcourse does not. Theres a key difference between nicotine intake from dry
smoke to wet vapor. Even just the delivery itself is healthier and I have never been sick from it. New things are scary, I get that, but this can
seriously help people with a nasty cigarette addiction, and truely help this aching tobacco fueled world. Cosmetically it smells nice and you have
many more flavors to choose from which in my experience is a big win. You also have more control over your nicotine intake with different levels of nicotine on each bottle. Cigarettes just like anything from the days of old are outdated and are truely beat by its smarter, sleeker, sexier cousin,
vaping. By far I would highly reccomend it to any smoker and it might just prolong your life.



My name is VapeChilla! I have been a YouTube Partner based in the Philippines for a little over a year now. I film vape reviews and trick tutorials together with occasional vlogs, and it is humbling to say I have amassed about 113,000 subscribers along the journey.

Is vaping better than smoking

I communicate with the VapeChilla family and people in the community daily and for all that, I noticed a common concern in the comments and messages I receive. One of the frequent questions I address is, “Is vaping safer than smoking cigarettes?”. Two things come to mind when I am faced with this question: the ingredients of vape juice, and exploding mods.

For several years, researchers have been checking for signs that the chemicals within the liquid used for vaping can be hazardous and cancer-causing. However, there has yet to be any proof that vaping is worse than cigarettes. With any research claiming that vape liquid is harmful, they state what chemicals are dangerous which are also found within cigarettes. Those articles also stress the fatal consequences of ingesting such chemicals through the process of vaporizing. What the articles fail to state is exactly how much more of those certain chemicals are found in cigarettes, compared to the miniscule amount found in vape liquids. Such was the case about “Popcorn Lung”. I highly suggest reading this article which explains how the media is leaving out certain details about the researches and how it is all creating a false impression in order to ban vaping. Although assumptions about dangerous ingredients in vape juice has yet to be proven, this does not mean vaping is 100% safe. Nonetheless, there have not been any cases of cancer caused by vaping, which leaves it to be the lesser of two evils.

On another note, the issue of exploding devices has also struck the public’s concerns about the safety of vaping. Straight off the bat, my response to that is simple: the majority of incidents seen online were simply caused by human error and the lack of knowledge in the basic aspects of vaping and safety. It is significantly important to learn battery safety and Ohm’s Law because malfunctions and accidents are often induced by the user unintentionally abusing the battery beyond its capacity to perform. An explosion is caused when a battery cannot properly vent and release its gasses, which would be the case if you had a tube mod with no vent holes. Times have changed and now most mechanical mods take vent holes into consideration when being designed. During use, the temperature of a battery will increase. If the battery is overused, the temperature could potentially drive up to the point of thermal runaway, at which point the battery will inevitably vent. The safest thing to do in this case is to throw the mod away in a safe direction (preferably well ventilated as venting batteries release toxic fumes). This could happen if you fire a low resistance coil that requests a rate higher than the maximum amp discharge rate of the given battery. It is like asking your car to accelerate harder than it was designed to do- eventually, the engine will fail catastrophically. That is why Ohm’s Law is very important to understand. Venting may also happen when fitting-on an atomizer with a flat 510 pin on a hybrid mechanical mod. Nowadays, this is common knowledge to most vapers, and a majority of atomizers are now made with protruding 510 pins. In addition to that, variable devices are much safer at this point in time. Variable devices have a built in cut-off feature that does not let the mod short circuit or overcharge the batteries. However, one cannot be so sure about the company’s quality assurance, as some defective mods may pass inspection. That is also why you should only buy from reputable companies who care more about their quality rather than quantity.

To conclude, my response to the question, “Is vaping safer than smoking cigarettes?” is, yes. Along with the proper knowledge of battery safety, vaping is most certainly a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Especially to emphasize that point, when comparing the thousands of chemicals found in tobacco, as opposed to the four main ingredients of vape liquid: Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerine, Flavour Additives, and the optional Nicotine. Better yet, if vaping does not become a hobby after quitting smoking cigarettes, it is something one could easily cut from their lifestyles. The reason for that is because vaping is not as addictive as cigarette smoking. If you have any questions you would like answered, please feel free to message me on my Facebook page or Instagram. I also have a YouTube channel, so make sure to subscribe! Till next time.


Avacare Vape



AvacareVape was initially founded as NICO-E, with the intent of providing tobacco smokers with a safer alternative. Following the recent acquisition of an equity stake in the company by AvacareHealth, an International Pharmaceutical company, NICO-E has evolved into AvacareVape. Our mission now is still to provide a healthier alternative to cigarettes, but also to develop game-changing advancements within the vaping industry to provide vapers with new ways to better their health.

Is vaping better than smoking

The main reason why vaping is much safer and healthier than cigarettes is because vaping merely heats up liquid to produce vapour, whereas cigarettes combust and produce smoke. It’s already known that inhaling smoke can be severely detrimental to a person’s lungs and overall health.

If that’s not enough, let us debunk some of the myths that may keep one from trying vaping.

  1. “But there’s still nicotine in vaping liquids – doesn’t it cause cancer?”

Because nicotine has been associated with tobacco and cigarettes for so long, it is also associated with lung cancer, which is caused by analog cigarettes or other carcinogenic tobacco products. The truth is, there is no conclusive evidence that nicotine by itself causes any cancer whatsoever.

  1. “I’ve heard of vape devices EXPLODING! Sounds dangerous…”

This is a common misconception that was spread through assumptions and misinformation. Vape devices have the same chance to explode as any other electronic device. Most people carry cellphones without fear when there have been stories of those exploding, as well. This is usually the result of negligence.

  1. “Vaping causes popcorn lung!!!”

The popcorn lung story was spun from the time when when popcorn factory workers would develop an irreversible condition called “Popcorn Lung” after years of working in the factory. It was assumed that a flavouring ingredient, called diacetyl, was the cause.

Modern vaping liquids, AvacareVape liquids included, are not made with diacetyl. Some flavourings may contain trace amounts that are almost undetectable how tiny of an amount it is. But here is the kicker: a standard tobacco cigarette contains 750 times the amount of diacetyl that any vaping liquid ever will. It was found that the e-liquid containing the highest amount of diacetyl only contained 239 micrograms, whereas a cigarette contained 20,340 micrograms.

  1. “But I’ve heard that vaping doesn’t really help you quit smoking.”

There are literally millions of stories of individuals who have completely quit cigarettes thanks to vaping. In fact, there was even an entire study performed with the result of which being that electronic cigarettes should be added to the list of primary modalities for tobacco harm reduction. There have been multiple successful studies done on the same topic, such as this study that successfully linked vaping with smoking cessation.

  1. “Electronic cigarettes are just as harmful as regular cigarettes.”

Every ex-smoker-turned-vaper will tell you how much their stamina, breathing, and overall health has improved ever since making the switch. There is also an incredible amount of evidence that proves how much safer vaping is. Here is a study that proves that smokers who had switched to vaping experienced better blood flow and improved cardiac function. Here is another study that found that smokers whom had switched to vaping had considerably lower levels of toxins in their body. The list goes on.

  1. “Isn’t second hand vape just as bad as second hand smoke?”

Electronic cigarettes produce vapor as a result of heated liquid. It’s about as harmful as inhaling the vapour of boiling water. Cigarettes produce smoke through the combustion of a burnable substance. It’s already been shown that second hand vapour is harmless to bystanders.


Tristan Pope



Is vaping better than smoking

Right now unfortunately there is no actual proof that says long term vaping IS better for you. You can make an educated decision based off what we know is in cigarettes and what we assume is in vaping minus the chemical reactions between the ingredients of a vape including the metals and quality control of everything from your coils, cotton, and e liquids.(I review items on YouTube I get a unique inside look at how how these Chinese manufacturers function and how vapers are literally the guinea pigs for so many shitty beta products with potential flaws just to make companies a quick buck riding the vaping boom) With that in mines i believe it definitely has the potential to not be as bad as cigarettes in terms of what we know cigarettes do to the body. And many of the short term studies will agree with this. As for what vaping does long term, we just don’t know yet. I would say use it as an alternative to quit smoking but don’t plan it for the long term if you want a pure clean bill of health. Anyone who says they can’t feel the effects be it breathing clarity, morning phlegm, or overall skin condition while vaping versus not vaping is just doing the whole “blame it on quitters symptoms” song and dance. And the reason that is done is because smoking is super addictive and we all know what it does to our bodies. It causes cancer. And none of us want cancer. But we also are addicted and don’t want to give up the habit. So to all that I say be true to yourself and just go into it knowing as much as you can and honestly pick your poison and what you are comfortable putting in your body. Everything is “bad” for you. Just have to pick your battles and stay educated and informed on the topic. And if one day you see an article that backs up a symptom you may have or a side effect you may feel, don’t be afraid to put the vape down for the betterment of your health. Just understand not everyone’s body reacts the same way to things.




I blog about vaping and review vaping products whilst sporting a rather substantial and impressive beard. I have been writing for around a year and a half. Finding my blogging name was the combination of my two loves: vaping and my beard – therefore the Vaping Pogonophile was born!

Is vaping better than smoking
To start with the only thing I can say is YES very loudly, because for me and the people I have met on my journey is that vaping is, has been life changing.
I have stated on many occasion that vaping has not only saved my life but the lives of my friends, family and most importantly my children.
It is well known that even if you go outside to have a cigarette and come inside you still carry the toxins of that cigarette on your clothes. If you then come in and pick up a baby or small child and hold them close to you then they might as well have come outside for that cigarette too.
The facts and figures are starting to mount up saying that vaping is a much better alternative to smoking. In the UK our medical institutions are starting to praise and recommend vaping. When the NHS started their Stoptober campaign last year they were endorsing electronic cigarettes as a safer alternative. Public Health England have recently come out saying that vaping is a safer alternative and that maybe electronic cigarettes should be put on prescription. They also stated that vaping was not a gateway to smoking in young people.
On a more personal note, looking back to when I smoked and the disappointment in myself when my son asked me to play football with him. I couldn’t even run ten yards without being out of breath or my lungs just feel like they were burning. I’m still the weight that I was back then (not really one for fitness at the best of times) but now I can run around for about an hour. Vaping hasn’t helped with my football skills mind, my son still runs rings round me.
The other plus points that my wife and I have noticed are that I don’t smell like an ashtray and the change in my skin. My wife says I look younger now than when she met me ten years ago.
Win, win in my book, I’ll end as I started, YES vaping is definitely better than smoking. That is also a resounding yes from all of my friends, family and children.

                   Fergus Mason



Fergus Mason is a former soldier turned freelance writer who switched to vaping in early 2013. Since then he’s been an enthusiastic advocate for e-cigarettes, harm reduction and vapers’ rights. Leader of Vapers in Power, the UK’s only political party focused solely on our rights to enjoy safer nicotine products, he also supports INNCO and several other organisations. Fergus is a strong opponent of any policy that restricts access to vapour products, reduces the choice available to consumers, or makes vaping more expensive.

Is vaping better than smoking
I smoked for 25 years; five years ago I made the switch to vaping. Sadly I’ve had to spend a good part of those five years fighting against people who, in the name of “health”, are trying to restrict or even ban the products we use as a substitute for tobacco. In my opinion this is insane; vaping is much better than smoking, and I’d like to tell you why.

In the UK, USA and many other developed countries up to half of the public – and a depressing number of so-called health experts – believe that vaping is at least as dangerous as smoking. This is, not to mince words here, total rubbish. Repeated evidence reviews by respected organisations like Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians have found that e-cigarettes are at least 95% safer than their tobacco counterparts.

So vaping is better from a health perspective, but that’s not all. It’s far cheaper, too. After spending the initial money on equipment, vaping will cost you a fraction of what smoking will set you back. It’s safer; for every widely publicised fire caused by charging an e-cigarette incorrectly, hundreds are ignited by carelessly handled cigarettes. Vaping won’t turn your windows sticky or your wallpaper yellow; you won’t get tiny burns all over your carpets, furniture, and clothes. An e-cigarette isn’t going to leave a stale smell and a coating of fine ash all over your house or car
Finally, vaping is better than smoking because it hands back control to us, the consumers. Up to now, we’ve had a choice between doing something we enjoy (and yes – most of us do) but which might kill us, and being forced onto a regime of failed quit attempts and prescription medicines. Now we can keep the enjoyment – and in fact enhance it, with all the amazing vape flavours now available – and eliminate almost all of the risk. And we can do that without being treated as sick addicts who don’t deserve any self-respect. To me, that might just be vaping’s biggest advantage.

                 Laurie Endicott Thomas




I have worked as an editor in medical and academic publishing for 30 years.
I am the author of five books:

Is vaping better than smoking

Vaping was developed as a harm-reduction strategy. Harm reduction means an attempt to make an inherently harmful practice somewhat less harmful. For example, scientists have long known that nicotine is harmful, but nicotine does not cause cancer. The idea behind vaping is that it would allow people to get their fix of nicotine without also exposing themselves to the carcinogenic part of cigarette smoke. However, we really don’t know the long-term health effects of vaping. In particular, we do not know the health effects of the countless number of substances that are being put into the vaping liquid. Nobody knows what effects such heavy, continual exposure to such substances will have on the lungs or the rest of the body. Some of those chemicals may even cause cancer. We just don’t know.

Keep in mind that the health effects of cigarette smoking do not show up instantly. Many of the effects (such as emphysema) take many years to
develop or happen suddenly without warning (such as sudden death from heart attack).

So the take-home message is this: Smoking is really, really bad. Vaping was intended to be less bad, but it is still bad. And we still have no idea how bad it is. If you don’t smoke or vape, don’t start. If you do smoke or vape, quit. If you smoke but change to vaping, you may (or may not) be reducing the long-term risk to your health. You can play either of two roles in this drama. You can provide an example to others by quitting. Or you can serve as a cautionary tale by continuing to vape and getting sick as a result.

It is actually very hard to prove that some habit such as cigarette smoking is the cause of some long-term health effect. Researchers have to use an indirect approach that involves many different kinds of studies. I explain this approach in this article, which was published in the journal Medical


                     Jules M



Jules is our vaping font of knowledge. He has been a passionate vaping supporter since 2013 and spends his time trying to educate people with ‘facts’ on the safety and benefits of vaping.

Is vaping better than smoking

Is vaping better than smoking? Yes! It’s that simple, let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to the point. Most vapers were smokers, and therefore any conversation about vaping should be in direct comparison to smoking.

The junk science with small sample sizes deflects from the real answer, and if we look at the research, you’ll find 5 studies that say its a problem and 5 that say it isn’t or are inconclusive.

The true answer lies in the use of tobacco which is filled with cancer-causing chemicals. The nicotine in tobacco gets rapidly into your brain and creates an addiction or craving.

E-cigarettes are a less harmful way to receive nicotine. The substance that smokers desire. Unlike tobacco smoke, their vapor doesn’t contain tar.

The good news is that there is some proper research and an independent review by Public Health England concludes the current best estimate is that e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking. The study gives vaping only a 5% residual risk which they say is a cautious estimate allowing for this uncertainty.

This cautiousness is due to some flavorings and constituents in e-liquids that may pose risks over the long-term. Always check the contents of your e-liquids and vaping could be closer to 100% safer than smoking.

The ‘scientific’ facts seem to back vaping is better than smoking. Of course, my personal opinion is it’s way better than smoking. No more short breath, no more horrible tobacco stained fingers and lingering smell, and the ability to control your nicotine levels while vaping some great tasting juices… it wins hands down.

                 Norm Bour



Norm Bour is Founder & Chief Business Mentor

Is vaping better than smoking

If you are reading this blog the assumption is that you are a vaper or at least a fan of vaping, so the answer would be a responding “yes.” As a non-smoker, but as a Baby Boomer, I can personally share that I have seen many people start smoking over the past 50 years. Some of them still do, either willingly, but many because they have never been able to kick the habit.

Many of them are dead. Some due to smoking-related issues and others not.

If we look at the practical side of vaping, ie, cheaper, more variety, no tobacco, controllable nicotine levels, then it makes sense to convert to smoking if you can successfully do it. Personally, I do take issue with non-smokers taking up the habit without having a smoking precedent. We have but one body and we should not jeopardize our health if we can avoid it. That includes our food intake and type, alcohol and a host of other vices we can get caught up in.

Vaping at one time was unknown, then misunderstood, and now shunned by the public at large. Media loves a shit show, so an e-cig explosion makes the headlines, yet most people that understand the mechanics and safety of the components never get mentioned.

Ironic, right?

As a frequent European traveler, I was shocked when I saw cigarette machines scattered in residential neighborhoods yet saw very few vape shops. Will “our time” come, when the masses and the science and most people understand that vaping is a superior product to analogue sticks?

Time will tell

                    Got Vape

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Is vaping better than smoking

Vaping is still a relatively new concept that many people are on the fence about. With new studies coming out all that time that continually contradict one another, it is hard to make an educated decision on switching over to vaping. The best way to make a decision is through testimonials of people who have been positively affected from making the switch to vaping. Working in the vaping industry since inception in 2001, we’ve seen a lot of success stories. From people who have gone from casual smokers to never touching another cigarette to those who smoked 6 packs a day to slowly dropping all the way down to 0 nic e-liquid. We’re constantly being told how much healthier our customers feel after switching to vaping. We had a customer who told us he was barely able to exercise due to shortness of breath and started gaining weight and became very unhealthy. After vaping for a few weeks, he could exercise more without shortness of breath and told us he became healthier and turned his life around. We can’t fully say that vaping is 100% healthier than smoking with it still being in its infancy and studies still being conducted on its effects, but with 17 years of positive testimonials, it is hard to argue that vaping doesn’t have a positive impact in many smoker’s lives. Before turning to vaping we recommend doing your research on different devices and how to use them. Vape within your skill level and always ask questions when unsure about anything.



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Is vaping better than smoking

“This in an age-old question that’s been popping up ever since the first e-Cigarette’s hit the market over a decade ago. While the answer seems obvious to many of us, the evidence clarifying this conundrum was too often referred to as ‘anecdotal’ by the press and medical spokespersons. These days almost anybody can tell you of the relative benefits associated with vaping as opposed to smoking. Vaping removes tar from the mix and saves the cilia in the lungs from the various traumas associated with inhaling heated, carcinogenic material. Although nicotine is considered as addictive, if not more addictive, than some Class-A drugs, it alone is monumentally less harmful than some of the other carcinogens found in a traditional cigarette. The lack of tar, formaldehyde and ammonia is reason enough to make the switch to vaping over ciggy-punching, and the ability to regulate the amount of nicotine in your juice is an easy way to cut down on the substance entirely.


The same can be said about herb vaping. At we specialise in dry herb and oil vaporizers which actually enhance the flavour and effect of your blend, while leaving out the short-term damage caused by inhaling heated plant matter. While smoking herbs won’t cause any lasting damage yo the lungs, it briefly paralyses the cilia and can increase the heart rate and cause a bad cough, especially when mixed with tobacco. When vaporized, your herb blend is heated to the perfect temperature for atomization and provides you with a much nicer tasting inhalant.


                         Tyler Kirby-Kidd



Is vaping better than smoking
I wouldn’t recommended vaping to anyone unless they’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Its a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes but there are still potential risks.
I’ve written papers about the benefits of vaping, but only on the grounds of it being safer than smoking. For example, there is no chance of “popcorn lung” in the case that someone believes the water vapor will harm your lungs. We naturally take in excessive amounts of water through the air each day, so these levels of moisture won’t harm us. As for a toxin, comparision cigarettes have thousands of harmful toxins as apposed to vaping having under 10-20. When it comes to vaping I can easily say I know what’s going in my body how and why I can’t say the same for cigarettes. I’ll take my chances with the vape over cigs any day.
If you’re considering it for habit I wouldn’t do it. Addiction is like a thirst you can’t quench and it’s not something to get curious about. Vaping has been played up to appeal to a younger crowd which puts us other vapers at risk. I used to believe blowing fat clowds and doing cool tricks was all the rage but vaping isn’t a sport, it’s a safer way to get or get off nicotine.
I firmly support and participate in vaping as an alternative to smoking, but I don’t believe we should do it to look cool. Everybody has a crutch and that’s okay, but vaping is the healthier way for sure.

                    Neil Entwistle



Neil Entwistle is one of the founding partners of Red Vape, a UK based manufacturer of gourmet e-liquids.

Is vaping better than smoking
The reason e-cigarettes were invented was for health reasons to help people quit smoking traditional cigarettes. The only way we can really judge whether vaping is better than smoking is to look at how successful e-cigarettes have been in this aim. The figures vary from country to country and much of this is down to how Governments have reacted to vaping. Where regulation has been minimal and vaping has seen a high level of uptake, such as the UK, the reported results are very positive. Public Health England has recently stated that e-cigarettes could be contributing to at least 20,000 successful new quits per year. They also reiterated their view that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. The health authorities in the UK are so confident in the benefits of vaping that e-cigarettes are now prescribed on the NHS for smokers as an aid to helping them quit. Research has shown that smokers using e-cigarettes as part of an assisted program are more successful in quitting smoking than those using other cessation tools such as gum or patches.
Vaping is still relatively new and studies are being carried out into there long-term effects. However, using the evidence we currently have access too it’s fairly clear that vaping is significantly better than smoking from a health perspective. If it’s regulated and supported in the right way by Governments and Health Authorities it has the power to save millions of lives globally every year.



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Is vaping better than smoking

The obvious negative health effects of smoking tobacco products are the main drivers behind people picking up vapes. According to a recent study published online in Tobacco Control, tobacco users who turn to vaping generally live longer. While it is important to consider the health risks when comparing smoking to vaping, there are other factors that may entice you to make the switch. What about the costs of smoking compared to that of vaping? So, let’s analyze the cost implications: A pack of 20 cigarettes costs around $13 in New York. Give or take, the average smoker will purchase 5 packs a week ($65) adding up to around $260 a month or $3120 a year.


On the other hand, to purchase an e-cigarette starter kit that would last at least a year, you would need to spend about $50. Once you’ve purchased a vape starter kit, you can expect to spend around $15 a week for a bottle of juice, $60 a month or $720 a year. In conclusion, vaping is not just safer than smoking, but also cheaper. Additionally, vaping is less offensive. If you’re a non-smoker, you know what It feels like to be walking next to someone smoking. If you’re health conscious, you’d either hold your breath or walk faster. Vaping, however, is not this offensive to people. It even has a pleasant smell due to the flavors it contains. That being said, I think we have a winner!

Kurt Darrell




Kurt Darrell is a freelance writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s just a guy who wants to research about things and write content about it. He also writes for Cannabis Twenty-Four Seven.

Is vaping better than smoking

This is an issue that is always up for debate. In order to determine this, let us look at a few point of differences and similarities between smoking and vaping.

The difference between smoking and vaping

The main difference is, with smoking, the material is burnt so it produces smoke. On the other hand, vaping heats the material (e-juice, cannabis oil, etc.) to a certain temperature just enough to produce vapor. Thus the name vaporizer. The byproduct of a heated liquid is vapor, similar to the one produced by a boiling kettle of water.

Is vaping safer than smoking?

In a way, vaping is safer. Although cigarettes, tobacco, and e-juice all contain nicotine (nicotine is the addictive substance found in cigarettes and tobacco), e-juice does not have tar. Tar is the black substance that is produced as another byproduct of burnt tobacco.

The manufacture of cigarettes also involves processes that use other chemical substances such as ammonia, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals. E-juice in comparison contains “Diacetyl” which is a known harmful chemical. Some brands of e-juice may also contain formaldehyde.

Making a choice

People often debate and even get into arguments as to which is safer. Ultimately, making a choice is based on personal preferences. The choice whether to smoke or vape is entirely subjective. Some people turn this topic into a debate but in the end, the choice is entirely up to the smoker/vaper.


                   Alex Juel



Alex is a vaping hobbyist who runs a podcast called The VapePassion Show where he covers the latest news in vaping. He also publishes news and advice on his website;

Is vaping better than smoking

Vaping is multitudes better than smoking. It saves lives. A recent study shows that vaping can prevent 6 million premature deaths –

The only thing vaping and smoking has in common is the way it looks and the nicotine. And plenty of research has shown that nicotine is not the cause of cancer or other health problems. Nicotine may be the cause of addiction, though, which leads to the continued used of smoking and eventually causing health issues.

But now researchers are wondering if nicotine is as addictive as they once believed. When compared to cigarettes, it seems to be much less addictive when used in vaping, nicotine gum, and patches. Here’s a study –

People are now wondering if cigarettes are more addictive in smoking due to the other chemicals added.

Vaping is not without risk since we don’t have long-term studies (over decades) to show us the effects over a lifetime, but vaping has been around
long enough for studies to be able to predict the likelihood of negative health issues over the long-term, such as this study:

Also, Public Health England produced a study showing that vaping has 95% less risk than smoking –

You may have already seen some negative studies. Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has debunked many of them –




I am 46 year old computer consultant in the United Stated who has been vaping for about 4 years. After watching both my grandparents die painful deaths due to lung cancer from cigarette smoking, I gave up cigarettes but still smoked cigars for over 20 years. Vaping has provided a safer alternative that I believe can help many people quit smoking. I started my YouTube channel (TheVapingComputerGuy) a little over 2 years ago to help educate people on products, safe use and general vaping information

Is vaping better than smoking

I actually think this is an easy question to answer… Absolutely! We all know cigarettes cause cancer. I personally have had two members of my family die from lung cancer. While we have no long-term studies on vaping because it’s so new, we know the ingredients. Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin have many uses including in foods. Obviously, because it’s safe to eat may not make it complete safe to breath but multiple studies have said its 95% safer than smoking a cigarette.

It would be wonderful to never breath anything but clean air, but when someone is addicted to smoking and now has an alternative that is at least 95% safer, why would you not choose that alternative? And unlike smoking, vaping allows you to control your nicotine intake so you can lower the dose until you no longer need it.

When we even have hospitals these days promoting vaping over smoking, we need to educate the politicians who are trying to kill or cripple vaping. We need to let them know we don’t want big tobacco companies who peddle a known carcinogen to push them into stopping this great alternative. There is nothing more important than our health, and when there is a much safer product instead of smoking, we need to support it 100%.

                     Derek McEwan



My name is Derek and I am an ex-smoker and it’s all thanks to vaping. In my spare time I play video games react to them and upload the videos to YouTube and I also review and vlog on my main channel too.

Is vaping better than smoking

A few years ago I was a heavy smoker, I won’t say exactly how many but let’s just say it was far too much. I wanted a way to help me to quit my habit but all of the approved methods at that time had not worked for me and left me more frustrated than anything else, that is until a friend introduced me to vaping. I was skeptical at first after trying so many methods but the results spoke for themselves. 2 days after I tried vaping I had thrown my cigarettes in the bin and I haven’t looked back since. I could breathe more easily, I began to taste foods again and I felt healthier and as of this moment I vape with the lowest level of nicotine and eventually, I will cut the nicotine out altogether. Vaping is not 100% good for you but it is a lot better for you than smoking cigarettes, considering the sheer volume of cancer-causing chemicals in a cigarette in comparison with a fraction of a percent in Vapes it really is a no-brainer. If you are a smoker make the switch! trust me you will not regret it.


James Dunworth



James Dunworth is co-founder of E-Cigarette Direct and runs the Ashtray Blog. He has been featured in most major newspapers in the UK, and have been interviewed on Sky News, BBC Wales (TV and Radio), The Jeremy Vine Show, Hello Wales and Radio Five Live. You can find him blogging at The Ashtray Blog

Is vaping better than smoking

Let’s take a look at this from several angles!

First, there’s the health aspect. The damage from smoking is caused by combustion, specifically tar and the carcinogens created as smoke cools down. That’s why Public Health England estimate its around 95% safer than smoking. Much of the remaining 5% comes down to unknowns about flavourings used in the e-liquid, but as testing improves and we detect and eliminate more and more harmful compounds, vaping could get even safer.

But it’s a mistake to think just about the health aspects. After all, the reason vaping has become so much safer is its versatility and the pleasure you can get from it. Vapers can choose from thousands of different flavours, a far cry from the tobacco or menthol choice that most smokers encounter. That gains more relevance as smokers gain their taste buds back!

Finally, there’s the cost savings. Sure, if you’re very into your high-end mods and plough through e-liquid it can still cost, but for millions of vapers using mouth-to-lung devices, there’s a huge saving. In fact, one of our customers even found she was able to buy a house when she switched to vaping!


Nick Green




I spread some good information about e-cigs and vaping with reviews, first impressions, tutorials, entertaining videos and my weekly VLOG.

Is vaping better than smoking

I feel like this is a loaded question, but I’ll answer. Yes, undeniably yes. Better in every way possible. Better for getting nicotine and better for quitting nicotine altogether if you so desire. It smells better, it tastes better, you will feel better. Yes, my answer is yes. The best thing about vaping in 2018 is the sheer amount of gear that exists. Any way that you want to vape there is gear for it. Really good gear for it. We have pod-systems for a more “cigarette type” experience. You want more clouds? yeah, we can do that. You want a long battery life? yeah, we can do that to. Temperature control? absolutely we can do that. The technology has become worlds better than it was a few short years ago. The liquids are higher quality and taste better than they did a few years ago. The Science is there, Vaping is better than smoking.

Kevin Krilla



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Is vaping better than smoking

Vaping is better than smoking in more ways than one. First off, vaping plays a positive role in harm reduction compared to traditional cigarettes. We all know by now how horrible cigarettes are for your health. Vaping is also a lot more fun! You can choose from thousands of flavors compared to just 2 in cigarettes. You are able to choose your nicotine intake as well. There is a device on the market for every vaper, beginner or experienced, and new products are coming out daily. Vaping kept me off cigarettes for close to 4 years now and for that I am grateful. We need to keep vaping legal, widely available and more socially acceptable. We have a lot of work to do.

Kevin Ewbank



Kevin is Smokshop owner since 2012, Vaper since: 2010 gamer and tech enthusiast since: birth.

Is vaping better than smoking

In my opinion, I whole hardheadedly believe that vaping is better than smoking.

Not only is it better for you health it is also better for your wallet.There are innumerable scientifically proven health benefits including
reduced risk of cancer.

Cost wise the average smoker spends £50 a week vs a vaper only spending£5. You do the math.

I switched a long time ago and have never looked back, I advise all my friends to do the same.”

Lauren Tharp



Lauren Tharp is a multiple award-winning freelance writer and owner of

Is vaping better than smoking

Vaping is definitely better than smoking! Smoking creates tar which gunks up your lungs and ruins your health. With vaping, you’re inhaling and exhaling steam, not smoke. There’s no tar produced and; therefore, nothing to ruin your lungs.


Tyler Browne


” I am the owner / operator of To the Cloud Vapor Store. We sell high end herbal vaporizers and accessories”.

Is vaping better than smoking

I personally got involved in the business through ownership of an herbal vaporizer. I use them daily and never smoke anymore at all.

Curtis Ray Bizelli


“Curtis Ray Bizelli is Brand Publicist & Viral Marketing Strategist”

Is vaping better than smoking

Personally, I’m a smoker and I’m trying to quit. The vape is a great alternative however I’ve found its just not the same. I can’t stick to it.

However what I have stuck to doing is vaping a Hemp Vape. It helps me with my severe anxiety disorder.


Martins Beltens



Martins Beltens is Co-founder of Ecigopedia

Is vaping better than smoking

If possible, avoid smoking and vaping at all. But if you can’t – choose vaping. It’s less harmful and it should eventually lead to tobacco-free life.


Rafael Derama


The Vaping Brotherhood is a group formed to promote the use of e-cigarettes as a better alternative to smoking.

Is vaping better than smoking

Definitely, vaping is better than smoking. I am not saying that vaping is healthy, but there is no evidence that it causes any harm to the body. I’ve been a chain smoker for 10 years myself, smoking around 2 packs a day. The switch definitely made me feel the difference.”


Brian Shell


Brian Shell is a author of 35 books

Is vaping better than smoking

It’s now been over 16 months since I last smoked tobacco.
This past July, I purchased a $600 Volcano vaporizer for my medicating.
The purchase was worth every penny. Between those two major moves, I breathe much better.